Over 740 Dead, 3,983 Injured During Europe’s Timeline of Terror

The list below isn’t exhaustive. The Champs Elysee attack, Manchester, London, Würzburg in Germany, Denmark’s Copenhagen, and Ankara, Turkey in 2016 also deserve a mention.


Feel overwhelmed with the latest terror attacks against the UK in the last month? It’s not unexpected. Since the early 2000s, Europe has experienced wave after wave of terror attacks – all too familiar carnage and a sense of loss.

Here’s a timeline of some of the more notable attacks since 2003.

November 2003: Istanbul, Turkey

Twin suicide blasts at the British Consulate and a HSBC bank office saw 32 individuals executed and over 400 injured. Consul-General Short was among those who lost their lives. Examination concerning the bombings named Hezbollah responsible, supposedly with connections to Al-Qaeda.

March 2004: Madrid, Spain

191 dead and over 1,800 people wounded left Madrid reeling in shock. The official reports named Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorists responsible for the organized assaults. Those responsible for the series of blasts minutes apart on four rush hour commuter trains blew themselves up to avert arrest.

July 2005: London, UK

Still fresh in the minds of the British following the latest attacks was the coordinated suicide attacks on public trains and a bus, killing 52 and injuring 700 more.

July 2011: Oslo, Norway

(Photo credit should read HOLM MORTEN/AFP/Getty Images)

The deadliest attack on Norway since World War II occurred by the hand of a single extremist, Anders Behring Breivik. He lashed out with two attacks, first detonating a bomb in Oslo’s city center and killing 8 before opening fire on a summer camp’s residents, killing 69. He is currently serving a 21 year prison sentence.

May 2014: Brussels, Belgium

Four people were killed when French national Algerian Mehdi Nemmouche opened fire with his Kalashnikov rifle at the Jewish Museum. It was reported at the time that he had links to ISIS, fighting previously for a year in Syria.

January 2015: Paris, France

It’s difficult to forget the Charlie Hebdo attacks that left 12 people dead including Charlie Hebdo’s editor and a prolific, well respected cartoonist. Many conspiracies have fallen upon the Hebdo killings, with many saying it was a false flag to instigate what was to follow in France.

Needless to say, the horrific killings did unite the social media world with #Je Suis Charlie.

Again, an Al-Qaeda branch claimed responsibility and said the actions were an act of revenge for Charlie Hebdo paper’s Prophet depictions.

November 2015: Paris, France

Just as the world was recovering from Charlie Hebdo the Paris Attacks occurred, forever changing the face of Europe and in particular Paris.

Coordinated attacks spread over six different locations, including the Bataclan concert hall, and restaurants and bars saw 130 people killed and around 350 injured. ISIS was quick to claim the attacks and France and been placed on a permanent State of Emergency ever since.

March 2016: Brussels, Belgium

ISIS claimed the attack on Zaventem International Airport that claimed a further 32 lives and over 300 injured. Twin blasts ripped through the main terminal, successfully grounding flights and causing devastating chaos and destruction.

June 2016: Istanbul, Turkey

Only months after the Belgium attacks, three suicide bombers targeted Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, leaving 41 dead and up to 230 injured. Although it had all the marks of ISIS, responsibility is yet to be assigned to any specific group.

July 2016: Nice, France


France suffered again, this time in the popular tourist destination, Nice. Using a truck, a crowd was rammed into along Promenades des Anglais on Bastille Day. Although the driver was quickly dealt with by police, it didn’t help the 80 people who lost their lives.

December 2016: Berlin, Germany

Another truck was used as a weapon, this time at a Christmas market. The attack injured 56 and killed 12.

April 2017: Stockholm, Sweden

Another truck attack saw 15 injured and 4 killed after it was driven into the crowds of a popular shopping district.

The list above isn’t exhaustive, unfortunately. The Champs Élysées attack, Manchester, London, Würzburg in Germany, Denmark’s Copenhagen, and Ankara, Turkey in 2016 also deserve a mention. 


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