Pictures Showing Syria’s Beauty and Its Current Situation

War does terrible things, and here is an example.


Syria was once a thriving country with a growing economy and a stable life. The country attracted businesses from all over the world.

But since the civil war, the historic country has been in ruins for all its former glory turned into dust. Here are a few pictures that will tell you what the country once had and what it is now.

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A man (left) walks in a beautiful courtyard of the Great Mosque, while a recent picture shows the current situation of the courtyard.

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The fortified area of the town that once oversaw the neighbourhood can’t be seen because of the smoke.

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A view showing the current situation of the war stuck Zabdiya neighbourhood after an airstrike.

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Bab al-Nasr, which was once Aleppo’s historic city is now completely recognisable after the tragedy of war.

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Pro-government forces in Jisr al-Haj area trying to take back the area from the rebels.

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The old city that was once the main tourist attraction is now hard to recognise.

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The Great Mosque or the Omayyad Masjid that was once full of people is now full of ruins.

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