Police Officers Set K9 on Innocent Man [Video]

K9 attack

Video footage showing US police unleashing their K9 on an innocent man has surfaced. The man, who has been identified as Tim Young, received treatment at the ICU for his severe wounds.

Moments before the attack, which took place on May 5, Tim had been repairing a customer’s air conditioner with his dad Allen. Tim had not been committing a crime; he has no criminal history; he was simply trying to earn a decent living when the Harris County Sheriff’s Department released their attack dog on him.

Since the attack, the department has revealed that officers had been looking for a suspected car thief in the area. This, in combination with the fact the Tim had been working beneath the house, was enough to prompt officers to release their dog and attack Tim.

Tim claims that he did not receive a warning from the officers involved in the attack, nor did they identify themselves upon approach.

“I didn’t hear [anything],” Young said. “I didn’t see [anything]. I just felt a real sharp pain and I look down and there is a dog.”

Tim, who initially did not realize that the dog belonged to the police, was able to hold the dog’s mouth shut and protect himself. The officers then approached the scene and ordered Tim to let go of the dog. Not wanting to disobey orders, Tim let go of the dog. As soon as he did, the dog ripped into his flesh and dragged him out from under the house.

“As soon as I let go, the dog bit me,” Young said.

The scene was described as too distressing to show on news reports. “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen,” Tim’s father Allen Young said.

After witnesses explained that Tim had been repairing the air conditioner under the house, an officer removed the dog from his arm. In the footage, Tim is lying on the floor, clearly in immense pain and bleeding out, as the officers just stand by and watch.

Tim’s father then attempted to put a tourniquet on his son’s arm to stop the bleeding. When Allan realized he couldn’t get it tight enough, he asked the officers to assist him – they refused.

“I asked him for help and I don’t know if he’s having a bad day, he just said, ‘Do it yourself,’” Allen said.

Tim is left in this terrible state for more than a minute before the officers begin to assist him and address the severity of his injury. In intensive care, doctors had to replace missing chunks of his artery.

There is currently a dispute as to whether the police officers issued Tim a warming before releasing the K9 for attack. While the officers claim that they had in fact issued a warning, both Tim and Allan – as well as a third witness – say otherwise. The Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs team are investigating the incident. The officer responsible for the attack is still reported to be on duty.

“I have to, at this point, believe the deputy did in their training what they thought was appropriate,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

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