PornHub Posts Banned ‘Hardcore’ Video Exposing Corruption in Russia

With nearly 22 million views, Aleksey Navalny has been order to remove his YouTube clip investigating multi-billionaire Alisher Usmanov and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s alleged secret wealth.


Last week, a Moscow court ruled against Aleksey Navalny in a defamation lawsuit brought by multi-billionaire Alisher Usmanov, ordering the anti-government documentary he created to be redacted. The film, which had been uploaded to YouTube, investigated the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s alleged secret wealth.

The film also accuses Usmanov of bribery, citing that his donation of land and property to the Foundation for Support of Socially-Important State Projects in 2010 had been a move that aimed to help him gain business schemes involving government contracts.

Usmanov has insisted that the transfer of the ownership of the property was a legitimate business deal. Several other people denounced in the video have also leveled the video as politically-charged propaganda. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev himself called it an “absolutely false product of political scoundrels.

The video was released by Navalny and his NGO in March and has nearly 22 million views, making it one of the most-viewed Russian-language videos this year. The video was then used to justify the unsanctioned protests that swept over the capital and other Russian cities on March 26.

On Wednesday, the court found that the “information presented [in the video] is inconsistent with reality” and “obliged Aleksey Navalny and [his NGO] Foundation for Countering Corruption to delete all the information and videos [containing it] from the Internet within ten days of the effective date of the court ruling,” Russian media reported.

After the ruling, Navalny told reporters that he would not be removing the video and plans to appeal the ruling.

“You heard the key phrase in the verdict just now, the reason why this trial was held: ‘To remove the video and remove the investigation’,” he told reporters outside the court. “We are not going to do that. This investigation is based on facts.”

The video has since found a new unlikely home – adult video site PornHub. The video is titled Russian Corrupted Politician F***** Hard by PornHub. It is deemed ‘hardcore’ and ranked ‘professional’ on the site.

According to Newsweek, PornHub posted on the Russian social media website VKontakte that he can post more to its website.

“Thank you,” he posted in response to PornHub. “I will not be deleting it anyway.”

He then suggested that the website post the video in its ‘relevant’ genre, and wrote that “this will help many citizens realize what corrupt officials do to the people of Russia.”

Navalny is one of three politicians that have declared their intention to run for presidency in 2018. Allegedly, Navalny is unable to officially run for presidency because he is currently serving a five-year suspended sentence. In February, a court found Navalny guilty of embezzlement at a retrial of a case. Navalny claims that the case had been designed to sabotage his political career.

According to reports, Navalny is the most prominent opposition challenger to President Vladimir Putin, who will be running for his fourth presidential term in March 2018.



  1. Cristpher Steele (the russia-trump dossier) page 13 summary item 3: Medvedev is refusing to clean their shit and they’re trying to wipe him out. no doubt they’re all criminals one way or another but too much focus on medvedev is obviously their own agenda for distraction from his real story (that he isn’t taking their side any more).
    take care not to get distracted off russia’s global conspiracy when you encounter such articles.


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