Previous Untranslated Writings of Islamic Prophet Muhammad Contradict ISIS’ Persecution of Christians


There is evidence that terrorists operating in the name of Islam, including ISIS, know nothing about the religion. Muslim observers say that members of the ISIS cannot even recite the first chapter of Quran, the Islamic holy book.

The fundamental goal of these terrorists is to terrorize and oppress people who do not share their diabolical ideology. Since the emergence of the ISIS, Christians and other religious minority groups in the Middle East have suffered brutalities at the hands of these terrorists.

In a recent study, Dr Craig Considine, a researcher at Rice University in Texas, has uncovered untranslated writings of Prophet Muhammad, which directly contradict what ISIS is doing in the name of the religion.

According to Dr Considine, these previously untranslated writings by Prophet Muhammad can act as a kind of medicine to cure the diseases of Islamic extremism and Islamophobia among terrorist groups aligning themselves with Islam, and the negative perception about Islam in the West.

The writings reveal that Prophet Muhammad never encouraged his followers to repress or use violence against Christians or other religious groups based on their faith.

The writings, documented between 622 and 632 AD, were direct messages from Prophet Mohammad who is said to have defended and protected Christians and other religious groups living in the Arabic community. He also urged his followers to toe the same lines when he was gone.

Dr Considine considers Prophet Mohammad’s vision of a Muslim nation to be one with religious pluralism and civil rights, stating that the rediscovery of these documents could ease anti-Muslim sentiments in the West.

“The research clearly shows that contemporary Islamic states that mistreat and discriminate against Christians cannot be justified in light of Prophet Muhammad’s covenants.”

He noted that the central theme of Muhammad’s message was peace and that he never advocated violence, saying: “His message radiates compassion and peace. This is what American society – and indeed the world – needs now more than ever”.

Dr Considine explained that the documents shedding light on the peaceful message of Muhammad have been located in monasteries around the world and in books which have been out of print for centuries.

He revealed the writings have never been translated for a wider audience, stating further that Islamic scholars are now turning their attention to the documents because terrorist organizations are increasingly using violence to tarnish the image of Islam.

“Scholars and believers are turning to them now because of the widespread violence against Christians in places like Iraq and Syria. The Prophet Mohammed did not want to inflict harm on Christians, nor interfere or encroach on their privacy or private property. For the state to give preference to one or more groups means devaluating citizens based upon their ethnic or cultural backgrounds.”

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  1. Wow, what a game changer! Tomorrow morning all ISIS members will be handing out free cookies and stuffed unicorns to everybody they come in contact with, what a glorious revalation!

  2. How can the Prophet counteract Allah, his God,who sent the angel Gibrail to him to transmit the Holy Q’uran as a message to be read, spread, and to be followed??? The old question of what was first:” the hen or the egg, comes to one’s mind again!!!


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