Project Midnight Climax: Unethical Human Experiments CIA Conducted on Its Own People

MKULTRA’s sub-operation – Operation Midnight Climax - hired prostitutes in San Francisco and drugged unwilling participants to study their reactions.


There has always been a race between the two nations, Russia and America. From sending people into space, to their spy agencies and creating a ‘truth serum.’

This race has made these two governments do things, that if we read about them, we question whether or not should we give up our nationality.

One such thing happened in the US almost sixty years ago, Allen Welsh Dulles gave the go ahead for a project known as MKULTRA. The project would allow the agency to conduct unethical human experiments involving the use of mind-altering drugs.

President John F. Kenedy (left) with Director of CIA Allen Dulles (right).

The agency would expose citizens to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD, along with unethical means of hypnosis, radiation and shock treatments.

There were cases where people willingly participated in these experiments, but there were cases where people also had no choice.

Like the agency’s previous projects, this was also to be left with little proof. The CIA wanted to destroy the records related to Project MKULTRA and only left a few official documents.

Sidney Gottlieb approved of an MKUltra subproject on LSD in this June 9, 1953 letter.

Unfortunately for the agency, many documents ended up surviving. One such document involved strange operations revolving around uncontrollable experiments that went horribly wrong – Operation Midnight Climax.

The agents that were working in MKULTRA’s sub-operation – Operation Midnight Climax – hired prostitutes in San Francisco. They then asked them to bring their clients to the agency’s given safe houses.  Once their clients were at the locations, they secretly drugged their test subjects and the agents noted their sexual activity from behind a reflective mirror.

Sidney Gottlieb, the head of Chemical Division at the CIA’s Technical Service Division asked the Director of the CIA to conduct these experiments involving LSD, as it could be used as a mind control drug.

Director Allen Welsh Dulles agreed.

1953 experiment record.

According to one account, the agents would administer drops of LSD in food, water or drinks. They would also do same with marijuana – in cigarettes, and use the oils in food and drinks to get people to talk.

However, it wasn’t long after that, that the agents took the experiments in the direction of sex. The experiments started out in Greenwich Village, located in Lower Manhattan, New York. Later on, San Francisco.

The agency created a “French looking whore house” in many neighbourhoods of San Francisco, where the customers were drugged. The agents continued to pay the prostitutes with the CIA’s money and means to use in getting out of jail.

In one account, the agency dosed Wayne Ritchie, a Deputy US Marshal, via lacing a beverage with LSD. He then attempted to steal money from a bar using his weapon.

The marshal later resigned from his position.

After many failed experiments with the agency, these projects died down. In the coming years, John Vance from the office of CIA’s inspector general discovered these experiments. Projects like MKULTRA and Operation Midnight Climax resulted in unethical human experiments and permanent mental and physiological abasement.

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