Pup-Photobooth: Shelter Conjures Up A Creative and Fun Way To Get Dogs Adopted


It is estimated that 6-8 million lost, abandoned or unwanted cats and dog are transferred to animal shelters every year within the U.S alone. Sadly, a large percentage of these animals are not adopted and thus meet a grim and unthinkable end. The reason for this: the number of orphaned animals exceeds the amount of people willing and capable of providing a loving, responsible and permanent home.

To combat this ever growing problem, an animal rescue and adoption organization based in Utah, U.S have discovered a fun, creative and effective way to showcase the unique personalities of the lovable dogs in need of a caring home. With the help from photographer Guinnevere Shuster, the organisation set up an overwhelmingly adorable pooch photoshoot to help these extraordinary animals find a new home.

We are extremely happy to say that the photobooth shoot was a complete success and all the dogs featured below have already been adopted into new and caring homes.


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-1-e1428312045876adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-2-e1428312213359adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-3-e1428312198367adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-4-e1428312178244adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-7-e1428312164145adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-9-e1428312150843adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-10-e1428312129236 (1)adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-12-e1428312024749adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-13-e1428312106229adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-15-e1428312092855adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-24-e1428312074693adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-25-e1428312059552

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