Quarantine Fails: Infected Liberian Official Spreads Ebola


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A Liberian government official, not a doctor, as the reports would have it, is responsible for the outbreak of Ebola in Nigeria. The government official claimed he was travelling to Nigeria for a seminar when his status was discovered. Since then, several civilians that came into contact with him have had to be quarantined until further notice.[1]

On the eve of one of the deadliest fights of the rampant Ebola epidemic in Africa, quarantine procedures have failed to contain the outbreak within the borders of the worst hit, Liberia. As this report hits the web, Liberia is suffering the highest fatality rate in West Africa. Up to 60 per cent of cases are ending in death. Consequentially, 80 health professionals including doctors, have died after contracting Ebola, raising the death toll to over 1000. [2]

According to the source interview for this article, the Nigerian government is acting accordingly, to contain the spread of the virus into the community. However, along with Sierra Leone and Liberia, Senegal and the Congo are just as severely affected with the outbreak, and are struggling to contain the spread over the borders. And when Liberia’s government quarantined the slum area of West Point, frustrations led to violent protests.

Curable in the early stages of Ebola, the unnamed source states it takes less than 4 weeks for the virus to claim its victim. So far, the source has witnessed it’s spread through direct contact either with the blood of an infected patient, or open wounds. He holds his faith in God and the CDC for the miracle they need to format a cure.

ALIB105-92_2014_122121_highA vendor selling grilled meat, left, walks past an amputee, right, who is suspected of dying from the Ebola virus in a busy street in Monrovia, Liberia, Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014. Food in countries hit by Ebola is getting more expensive and will become scarcer because many farmers won’t be able to access fields, a U.N. food agency warned Tuesday. An Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 1,500 people, and authorities have cordoned off entire towns in an effort to halt the virus’ spread. (AP Photo/Abbas Dulleh)

Currently, in Sierra Leone, military force is being used to enforce a strict quarantine of every household in which an Ebola case appears. The measure lasts for 21 days. But the flag has now been raised about the possibility of it now affecting the entire population with a 50 percent fatality – until it “burns itself out.”  According to Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, up to 5 million people could end up infected. Since then, the statement has specifically been retracted from the article without formal explanation. [3]

Studies in 1995 during an Ebola outbreak, suggested “7 out of 8 people survived” if treated with antibodies produced by victims infected blood. The experimental drug is still to be manufactured in the west, with experts investigating further, on how to combat this infection. [4]



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  1. Why with everything that we have today medically are all of these people dying? Okay I see that it takes for weeks to die with this disease but if you know there is an outbreak. Then why do you not treat these people as they are coming in with the medicine that they need to cure them. It isnt always fatal so why arent you able to catch it early and keep these poor souls from dying?


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