Ever heard of Sarahah App? It’s The World’s Fastest Spreading App Right Now – And There’s a Reason Behind it


There are a lot of chatting and messaging applications out there that simply want to offer something different from the rest of the ones, and the application that we are going to talk about delivers that.

Sarahah, an application created by a Saudi developer named Zane Al Abdini Tewfik, has gained a lot of popularity among the locals in no time, and it wasn’t before it went viral in other nations.

Sarahah, which can be translated to honesty in Arabic, provides users with the feature of sending anonymous messages to one and other. However, the application does require its users to register before they can send a message to anyone.

Once you are done with the registration, you can provide the link to your friends or family members or you can make your profile public, so people can send you anonymous messages. Those messages cannot be responded back and the receiver does not know who sent them the message.

The developer initially made it as a website with the intention of allowing workers give an honest feedback regarding their bosses without stepping in the spotlight. But in three months, Sarahah is fourth rank on iOS’ top trending apps, and has garnered well over 5 million downloads on Google Play.

The concept of the application is common and yet different, which can be fun to some extent; but Sarahah has a dark side as well.

Many social media platforms have one thing in common; they all want their users to provide real information when using their services to prevent the sort of harassment and cyber bullying that comes with anonymous users – like online abuse and trolling.

Sarahah also allows users to message people anonymously and this could be catastrophic. Sending bad messages to other users who could not trace the sender could bring forth disturbing results. Moreover, a group of users could target one person and send them negative messages that could affect the targeted user mentally.

Indiatimes reports:

“The app’s popularity certainly points to human nature in general, and our schadenfreude tendencies. It might just be best to stay clear of it and instead focus on taking criticism face to face without losing your cool.”

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