SHOCKING: Employees In China Forced To Drink Toilet Water As Punishment [VIDEO]

toilet water

How do you punish your under-performing employees? Have you ever under-performed so badly at work that you’ve been forced to drink toilet water? Stomach-turning footage of Chinese employees drinking toilet water shows how brutal Chinese employers can be.

Two staff members, a man and a woman, were filmed drinking the toilet water a common punishment for missing Key Performance Indicators at a photography studio in Guang’an, a city in eastern Sichuan province. The police have began investigating the brutal incident and have arrested the person who recorded the punishment.

The video, uploaded to the employees’ WeChat group before it was leaked online, shows the man stooping down and scooping water from the toilet bowl into a cup before begrudgingly drinking the filthy liquid.

The distressed woman is seen hesitantly putting a glass of toilet water to her lips and drinking it.  According to the Beijing News, the woman later complained she suffered from diarrhea after she was “disciplined for not achieving the goals set out by their supervisor” and couldn’t eat rice without wanting to throw up.

A manager at the company claims that the video was not recorded at the company, but merely disseminated on the social media group as a way of “motivating” staff to work harder, The Shangaiist reports. However, both the employees are seen wearing their company ID’s during the heinous punishment.

However, this is not the first time employers in China have earned the rage of the Internet with their shocking management styles. From crawling on the streets to eating bitter gourds, employers in China are infamous for their unique methods of “motivating” under-performing employees. ATI reports:

“Last year, a company in Chongqing forced their employees to eat kǔguā, deeply unpleasantly tasting bitter gourds, when they failed to meet sales targets for the month. This was after employees had adapted to punishments that included forced push-ups and laps, and management felt that they had to increase the pain.

“Earlier last year, employees at a Rural Commercial Bank in Changzhi were spanked on stage for not “exceeding expectations”. This incident resulted in the firing of many executives after the video of the punishment went viral.”

In case you are in need of some “motivation” at work, watch below:

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