Single Photo Proves Politicians Prefer War Over Helping People

The disappointing turnout by the MPs discussing Aleppo, didn't go unnoticed. In fact, many observers and concerned British citizens were dismayed, taking to social media to express their disappointment in their government.


Politicians, they say, are the same—irrespective of where they are. Politicians are mostly controlled by secret people, who fund their political campaigns so that they [politicians] in turn, pass laws to help the businesses of the secret forces thrive at the expense of the collective interest of the people.

Especially in this modern era, where Western liberal democracy has been forced down the throats of people around the world, politicians use their power to protect their interests and that of their cohorts, exposing the masses to all kinds of problems.


From just a commonsense reflection, you can make your own judgment. The evidence is clear that many of the Western politicians prefer war over peace. They prefer war rather than helping people. They love to see their private defense companies producing more weapons to kill people, while they make profits from these weapons sales.

In December 2015, United Kingdom Members of Parliament (MPs) discussed the situation in Syria. The meeting at the House of Commons took place on December 3. The single most important agenda of the meeting was deciding whether to authorize the country’s participation in airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.


ISIS has seized territories in both Syria and Iraq due to the weakness of the governments of the two countries. Iraq is facing an unprecedented intra-religious sectarianism, since the illegal invasion of the country by the United States. Syria, too, has been embroiled in a bloody civil war orchestrated by the United States and its Western allies.

Although activists protested against the United Kingdom’s involvement in Syria, the then Prime Minister David Cameron argued that the airstrike against ISIS in Syria would protect British citizens. He claimed the airstrikes in Syria, against ISIS, would make the United Kingdom safe. At the meeting, almost all MPs turned out for the debate. At the end of the debate, the issue was put to a vote. Overwhelmingly, 397 MPs voted in favor of the airstrikes in Syria. 223 voted against. 6 MPs abstained from voting. There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons. If you tally up the number of MPs who were present, you get 626; meaning 24 MPs were not present in the house at the time.


Securing this authorization, the United Kingdom is now officially participating in a very confused situation in Syria. The airstrikes against ISIS are led by the United States. The alliance claiming to be dropping bombs on ISIS also supports the rebels fighting to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. The rebels receive weapons and funding from the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries in the alliance. Interestingly, the rebels of the alliance supported are reportedly sympathetic to the ISIS cause. Therefore, many of the weapons and funds received by the West end up directly in the hands of ISIS.

Recently, we reported how Iraqi forces involved in a special operation to drive ISIS out of the city of Mosul, have captured United States-made weapons from the terrorists. This points to the fact that the so-called fight against ISIS is a complete sham. The reality of the airstrikes in Syria, complex as they are, leave innocent civilians bearing the brunt of the airstrikes.


The British parliament had authorized the country to participate in the airstrikes. Russia had also entered the Syrian war to help the Syrian government neutralize the Western-backed rebels. Beginning September 2016, Russia proved its military might in Syria. The rebels started bearing the brunt of Russia’s airpower, and to make matters worse for the rebels, in November 2016, the Democratic Party of the United States was kicked out of power. The President-elect, Donald Trump, is against the United States’ involvement in the war in Syria. Trump also wants friendly relations with Russia. With these, it means the war in Syria is a game over for the rebels.


As Russia stepped up its efforts to flush the rebels from their stronghold in the city of Aleppo, the Western corporate mainstream media started reporting that there is a dire humanitarian crisis in the city. The media showed all kinds of images, claiming Russian and Syrian government forces are deliberately killing civilians, and that many civilians are also dying of hunger. Although many of these reports were inaccurate, it pushed the British government into action.


A special session was called at the House of Commons to discuss how the United Kingdom can provide humanitarian aid to the civilians the media claimed are dying. But sadly, only 71 MPs turned up for such an important discussion. 579 MPs were absent. They didn’t consider the helping of people in a war-torn nation worth the effort.

You can see the photo below: It shows the first session on the airstrikes and the second session on helping civilians in Aleppo. The sharp difference in MP attendance displays the reality of the world we live in today.


However, the disappointing turnout by the MPs didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, many observers and concerned British citizens were dismayed. Some took to social media to express their disappointment.


Some tweeted to show the hypocrisy of the MPs and politicians in general. Clearly, it is a sign of these politicians preferring war over peace. As people suffer from war, they and their secret forces benefit. No damn politician cares about you. You should care about yourself. Take the action that would improve your life today and for the future.

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