Funds Frozen on Soros’ Mass Migration Group Over Fraud & Abuse



The United Kingdom has cracked down on a Soros-backed pro-open borders group that has been accused of suppressing and “hushing up” allegations of over 30 crimes involving sexual harassment and fraud.

Breitbart reports that UK government ministers have frozen funds to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an organization headed by former Labour Foreign Secretary David Milibrand, who is a staunch supporter of mass migration.

The organization is a major partner of globalist billionaire George Soros.

Breitbart reports:

“With nearly five and a half million pounds of taxpayer cash at stake, a team from the IRC was sent to look into claims made over the body’s behaviour in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But according to The Sun, when an IRC team was sent to Africa to look into 24 cases where the scandal was first reported, it found a further 13 ethics breaches.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID) addressed the allegations, saying: “We became aware of serious allegations relating to this programme in August 2016.”

Whilst authorities claim that the time at which any alleged wrongdoing occurred has not been established, a source said Britain was aware of the claims, telling The Sun that DFID withheld money from the IRC when informed.

An arch-Remainer who branded Brexit ‘the humiliation of Britain’, in November, Miliband told Europeans that ”they can rescue themselves” through sponsoring mass immigration, and slammed claims that asylum seekers could be vetted.

European Union (EU) nations must “play their part”, the NGO boss said last year, in a speech demanding the U.S. and  other Western nations reduce vetting when taking in refugees from the Middle East, the majority of whom the United Nations ensures are from the Sunni Muslim population.

The IRC is one of the charities closely-linked to George Soros’s push to drive aliens into European Union (EU) nations. Not only does the pro-migration body receive funding from the globalist billionaire’s Open Society Foundations, but Soros also selected the IRC to “create principles” that would guide the Hungarian-American’s $500 million “investment” in migrant-related initiatives he announced last year.

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