The Flat Earth Conspiracy: Is NASA Fooling The World?


Columbus was the only one of his time who believed that the Earth was round; everyone else believed it was flat. The Flat-Earthers thought the Earth didn’t fall because it was resting on huge elephants. But what were the elephants resting on? On the back of a gigantic turtle. What was the turtle resting on? It was swimming in an ocean. Did the ocean stretch all the way down? No answer. While the Earth does look flat, is it safe to decide that it is flat?


There are still people who believe the Earth is FLAT. In 1881, English writer Samuel Rowbotham published Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not A Globe, in which he affirmed that Earth is flat. His work initiated mini movements one of them being The Flat Earth Society, a modern group dedicated to promoting Rowbotham’s ideas and trying to convince people that Earth is indeed flat.

They believe the Earth is a disc with the Arctic in the center and Antarctic, a 150-feet-tall ice wall, around the rim holding back water. NASA employees guard this ice wall to prevent people from climbing over and falling off the disc. Earth’s day and night cycle is explained by positing that the sun and moon are spheres measuring 32 miles that move in circles 3,000 miles above the plane of the Earth. These celestial spheres illuminate different portions of the planet in a 24-hour cycle.


To the members of The Flat Earth Society, NASA had been fooling the world, about the Earth being round, with its photographic and video evidence all these years. GPS devices are rigged to make airplane pilots think they are flying in straight lines around a sphere when they are actually flying in circles above a disc, they assert. Flat-Earthers believe there must also be an invisible ‘antimoon’ that obscures the Moon during lunar eclipses. And that the world governments profit from the funding NASA, the kingpin of the ‘round Earth conspiracy’, and other space agencies receive to conceal the true shape of the Earth. Because NASA thinks the Earth is round so everyone believes the Earth is round – NASA is not running a real space program, so they don’t know the shape of the Earth.


The Flat-Earthers have a supporter in Matthew Boylan, former NASA operational graphics manager, who worked for years creating photo-realistic computer graphics for NASA. Boylan claims that NASA’s sole reason for existence is to propagandize the public and promote this false ball-Earth heliocentric worldview. He states unequivocally that every picture and video of the ball-Earth, all the Moon/Mars landings, the existence of orbiting satellites, space stations, and all Hubble images are hoaxed. Steve McCurry in his book Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs says, “No shutter today could be used outside the earth. The loss of gravity would damage any pictures and the camera”.


Some Questions Do Remain:

  • If the Earth was flat, we could travel to the place where the Earth and sky met. But we can’t.
  • If the Earth was flat, we could reach the place where we could reach out and touch the Sun. But we can’t.
  • If the Earth was flat, we could fall off the horizon. But we don’t.
  • If the Earth was flat, it would simply fall. But it doesn’t.
  • If the Earth was flat, a lunar eclipse would cast an oval shadow on the Moon’s surface. But it doesn’t.
  • If the Earth was flat, the lengths of all the shadows would be identical when measured simultaneously because all rays of sunlight that strike the Earth are parallel. But they vary.
  • But if the Earth is not flat, why does it look flat?

And Here’s Why The Earth Could Be Round:

  • There’s a horizon, meaning that the surface is not an infinite plane.
  • There’re time zones, which can only be explained if the Earth is round, and rotating around its own axis.
  • Ships don’t fall off the edge of the Earth.
  • When a full Moon occurs in the plane of Earth’s orbit, the Moon slowly moves through Earth’s shadow. Every time that shadow is seen, its edge is round. The only solid that always projects a round shadow is a sphere.
  • During the lunar eclipse the Earth blocks the Sun from the Moon casting its round shadow on the Moon’s surface.
  • Ships disappearing over the horizon and the Pole Star shifting to a higher position in the sky suggest a curved Earth.
  • In 2005 Steven Fosset circumnavigated the Earth. After a 76-hour and 45-minute flight, travelling 26,389.3 miles he landed in the area he took off.

Greek evidence

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  1. It’s a far too common myth that people thought the world was flat before Columbus. Europeans knew the world was round since the Classical period, and civilizations in Asia and Meso-America knew it too.

    It’s only recent years, with the illogicalness of religosity in opposition to science that its even become a thing.

    • Correct, even the greeks knew it was round. So did the aztecs. And another question would be why we see a different sky depending on where we are at night and how we see no noticeable curvature in the passing of the sun from dawn to dusk.

    • Thank you, I say this all the time. People state as a matter of fact that people believed the earth was flat when Columbus set sail, this is not true! but it is used as an argument against dogma, when in reality the people of the time were well aware of the circumference of the earth since the 3rd century BC.

    • So, with a handle like Pythagoras your probably a philosopher? So what about the allegory of Plato’s Cave? In case you forgot, it’s about the prison of the mind. . .and that my friend is the globe. Pride and ego are very powerful as none of us like to think we’ve been fooled. To quote Mark Twain ‘It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled!’.

      • You hit the nail on the head man. First, i think the writer should study the flat earth arguments thoroughly before he describe FE theory they way he did in his article. Reading this article makes me think think that as if the writer is one of those who close their eyes to the fact that they have been fooled for so long.

      • You guys need to ride in a plane and look out the window. Flat Earthers are stoopid, and distract from the true mysteries. Don’t be dumb. Instead of bringing a spirit level on a plane look out the fucking WINDOW.

    • Pythagoras, funny you use that name, because with the Pythagorean theorem one can easily prove the distance of the sun to not be 93 million miles…You throw the word illogical around like confetti when I will be willing to be my life you are not doing any investigation or leg work like I am, such as speaking to pilots and asking them why they do not account for earth curvature and spin because no instrument exists on any aircraft that does–Altimeter and VSI have zero to do with earth curvature and spin…The bottom line is that there is no detectable spin or curvature on this earth. Religious and non-religious folks can both be on the same sheet of music on this…The charade is imploding and the house of cards will fall.

      • The 1926 Michelson-Gale-Pearson experiment showed that the rotation of the earth is just as astronomy has said

        Got to a lake that is about 5 miles across on a clear day and take a camera with you. Set the camera on the ground near the water and take a picture of a tall object across the lake. Then put the camera on a tripod about 5 feet in the same location and take another picture of the same object across the lake. When you compare both pictures you will see that the camera at ground level shows less of the bottom of the object than the camera at 5 feet. On a flat earth the pictures would be the same. Sine they aren’t then something must be blocking the view of part of the lower part of the object in the one picture. That is curvature doing that.

        • This is nonsense and you know it .perspective man …get at eye level with a dining room table and get someone to place a quarter standing up and then move it across the table away from you and watch as it appears to disappear from bottom up

        • You know that the height of the eye (or camera) will definitely change the distance of the horizon. THAT is why you see more from the higher level. This is not due to curvature. Water is always level. (It is called sea level and not sea curve for a reason).

          • actually water isn’t flat, first off water tension causes water to naturally form an uneven surface (this is why if you put a drop of water on a flat surface it forms a dome shape) second the pull from both the sun and moon cause the sea to rise up this is why you get high and low tides as well as things like “spring tides”
            and finally if you knew how gravity works even water on a spherical object would be pulled towards the center (granted this one can be hard to show with standard experiments while within the earth sphere of influence as everything is always pulled towards the strongest gravitational field.

            on top of all this even basic maths can prove the curvature of the earth just look up eratosthenes who did that maths about 2300 years ago. then you have little things like the magellan expedition that circumnavigated the earth during the 1500s which if the earth was shaped like flat earthers claim would have required them to either take one massive pointless detour around the edge of the world and back to get from south of argentina and back to asia when they could have just sailed north along the coast of chilie, mexico and north america. but no instead they went from the straits of magellan and island hopped (sharks island, san pablo island, marina islands through indionesia to the cape of good hope.

            so unless we’re dealing with a conspricy that dates as far back as the 8th century BC (earliest recorded mention of a spherical earth) or the earth really is round and flat earthers are just a bunch of idiots who only believe it’s flat because a bunch of myths written in ancient mesopotamian said it was flat, and sat on the back of a giant turtle that swam in an ocean set within a spherical sky…. now tell me which one of those two are more likely?

      • The proper use of the Law of Cosines is to determine the diameter of the Earth – no one’s arguing the sun is a fixed point.

      • On top of the tall buildings the sun sets later than ground level. That’s because you can see further behind the curve when you are at a higher level. Go high enough and you will see the curve. Even the videos saying “look, the horizon is flat” actually have curved horizons, maybe only slightly because they’re not high enough. Just put a ruler on the screen and see the horizon is curved, even on the videos claiming otherwise.

      • Pythagoras knew the earth was a sphere in 360BC. Pilots know the earth is a sphere cause they stare at the curvature of the earth as they fly around it, if you are in a plane you can see if you own eyes the curvature of the earth. They don’t need to account for the earths spin because the earth drags us with its spin just like how flies can fly around in your car without the need for “extra instruments” to help them overcome the inertia of the car. Your dumb.

        • Been in many jets and never saw curvature not created by the windows. I don’t believe that is high enough. By the way, they DO account for curvature in their flights.

    • When nasa has actual video evidence from outer space that the Earth is on its axis spinning a thousand miles an hour and rotating around the Sun at 67000 miles an hour and you see this all through the video evidence from outer space then I will officially believe(NOT COMPUTER GENERATED) until then I question hardly what is really going on with earth and I do not believe NASA it’s very obvious they were created to control humans perception of space and “ET” LIFE, people who go to people’s houses of years ago know the Earth was round and then you can also save thousands of years ago there was contact with extraterrestrials and paintings of extraterrestrials and UFOs NASA will discredit so therefore peoples similarities don’t even add up there santanic patches that represent satan”the great dragon” other mason patch symbols, the Apollo 11 occult clues aka 911 they always do this occult numbers. Truth is reptillian aliens control earth and controlled by winged serpent human birds…why do you think america and every where else uses the eagle or falcon or hawk? Truth is deeper than you could imagine nasa is liars wake up people. Big bang is a lie,universe is a deeply Advanced sophisticated highly intelligent computer program.

      • You do not see that. Had you any understanding of orbital mechanics, you might also understand why. You could only make a video of something like that if you were able to stay at a fixed point in space. Since you *always* move as well relative to all other celestial bodies, there can be no such video. Besides … how would you, a layman of apparently relatively small intellect, even be able to tell anyway?

        Go on, live your life in your paranoid “zomg everything is a conspiracy guize” world. I bet it’s quaint. Should you ever wake enough to see actual reality, maybe you’ll think back to what I said and spend your time actually educating yourself instead of gobbling up conspiracist bullshit.

        • Pffff… NASA can’t take a video of earth spinning???? Yet they were able to take a video of the “moon” while “approaching” it for “landing”????????? …and that was in 1969 LOL !!!! Also in the moon landing BS it is mostly DARK…. I guess the ALL POWERFULL Sun couldn’t get the job done… but NASA says it is because in “outer space” there is nothing for the SUNLIGHT to reflect off… but luckily for the AstroNOTS… NASA (those smarties) sent them to the moon with FLASHLIGHTS!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA cause the Sun isn’t getting it done so a F#*king FLASHLIGHT will???????!!! What a colossal joke!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ok that’s dumb. But lets just pretend the sun is only 32 miles wide (lol)…why isn’t it always visible?

        And if it gets dark because it gets too far away from us each night, then why doens’t it get noticable smaller?

      • You don’t need to go to space. There is plenty of solid geometrical evidence of the rotating spherical shape visible with the naked eye from the ground.

      • I have. The earth isn’t round. It isn’t flat either. It looks more like a giant, puckered butthole pushing out a, gargantuan, pimpled flat earth theorist, who’s picking his nose.

      • I have. The earth isn’t round. It isn’t flat either. It looks more like a giant, puckered butthole pushing out a, gargantuan, pimpled flat earth theorist, who’s picking his nose.

    • It’s amazing how many people know so much about ancient civilisations when the reality is you simply read it in a book somewhere and take it as gospel. History is no more than information passed along through time, and it is virtually impossible to verify most of the information without concrete evidence, of which there is very little for the ancient world.
      It is perfectly possible for such information to be ‘amended’ to suit a different agenda, something which undoubtedly happens an awful lot, especially in modern times. It’s just a pity so many people put so much faith in it….

      • Archeology much, or at all? Indiana Jones is a fictional archeologists but the job is a real one. Much more boring then fighting Nazi’s but real interesting if you aren’t tainted by dogmatic beliefs, and understand that geology holds many secrets of the ancient world that can be verified and dated. There is much evidence of the ancient worlds, Pompeii even gave us a snapshot of their daily life in quite a clear context

  2. why is it night here and day there? If earth would be flat, would’t that mean we have day and night at the same time everywhere

      • Did you know that the earth is acutely falling we can’t tell because it moves very little and that in 2 million years the sun will expand and swallow up all the planets and then explode causing a black whole that rips the whole universe apart

      • Did you ever think about your own question? If the sun was above the earth, with or without motion, in or without a circular orbit, the earth would always be filled with daylight? The sun never goes away…so it must be up there all the time right? Now, let’s just go as far to say that the sun does venture in a circular orbit to the underside of the earth, how does it “know” to be moving in a circular orbit? NASA? If NASA really did put it up there I would urge them to bring it down to save us from the flat earthers dumb asses…but NASA didn’t put it up there because they would have immediately burned from the radiation poisoning and thermal output of the sun…Was there any flat earth “reason” or why the sun is 32 miles wide, but not how car from the earth it is? Maybe no one thought that if the earth and sun were not stationary (or even if the sun was moving) and NASA didn’t come up with gravity too (which I think flat earthers don’t believe because they use gravity in a sense that NASA and regular people do) that celestial bodies that output the phenomena/force, gravity, such as the earth and the sun (and every single atom in the universe) would bring the earth and sun closer to their untimely fates as they collided and swallowed each other up (even though we still don’t know how far away the sun is…unless your from NASA)…Oh, ya…I almost forgot…if the moon comes by it must be night time right? Who says yes? What about when you see the moon during the daytime? “Oh that’s no real moon…that’s NASA!” …Another set of questions to ask yourself flat earthers: What made the earth flat? Science has it’s own set of ideas (since we can never truly know our own beginning, since we evolved over millions of years…or did NASA do it?), even the bible – God created earth. What do flat earthers believe? We need proof. Science has layers of compressed rocks and sediments, the bible has fossils of giant men, and what does flat earth “theory” have? Do you even know what NASA stands for? What makes the earth so special apart from a spherical moon and a spherical sun and all the other spherical objects in space that make the earth the flat earthers believe? Did NASA do it? How did NASA come along? Why don’t you believe that the real secretive, lying, mind-controlling NASA is actually the theory of flat earth itself with it being backed by morons and idiots with literally no credentials who can only shout their say in large numbers, in the thousands? Because your voices won’t be heard unless you cry like babies to get attention from your parents and caretakers when you in your teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s, not able to take care of your own baby, spoon-fed minds…that is one of the reasons why you are so crippled that you can’t even strive to become intelligent and understand because it would end you spoon feeding and you don’t want that because you are lazy…too lazy, too belligerent, too immature, too stoopid (yes spelled with two o’s for those that understand :)), and too weak-minded understand that NASA didn’t make this bullshit up, you did it to yourselves…maybe it was the weed you decided was necessary in your life or something else that fogs up your mind? And why do you believe that NASA, a large space association, or anyone who even works at McDonalds cares about your ideas so greatly that they want to fool you by paying trillions, rather than feed themselves and make trillions for themselves, if they already know that you have been fooled by your own self, your people (the flat earthers), and by the ones who line their pockets with money over your small donations? Do believe that because you’re self-centered and want attention for yourself or is it because you don’t know any better and follow the first opinion you see or hear? Or was it all just another one of NASA’s little tricks?

  3. More and more fake propaganda to confuse and deter the masses from the real issues of the actual world. Wether the Earth is flat or round doesn’t change the fact that we are stuck on it for a reason.

    From what I’ve been taught, I honestly don’t believe the earth is flat for the simple reason that the earth is 3 dimensional, so why would all the entities in space be composed of 2 dimensional planes. It just doesn’t make sense.

    I would sincerely be more interested in delving the hollow earth theory.

    • Have you look at the map where he started his trip back forth. It dose not show going around the earth only from point a to point but

    • the flat earth theory isn’t proposing that they are 2 dimensional. they are still 3rd dimensional. The theory is saying that our Earth is 3rd dimensional but instead of the LAND, which people are referring to as Earth, going around the circumference of the planet, it’s a flat (still 3rd dimensional) surface of terrain on top a body of water within the atmosphere of the planet. if it was 2 dimensional we’d be the fucking Simpsons right now… use your head.

  4. I was shocked to hear a couple of years ago people today still think the earth is flat. But then people today still think man can change the climate, then change it back at will… so I guess every generation has it’s myths we believe are truths

    • Men can’t change the climate on their own, men can speed up the cycles our climate goes through by let’s say polluting the air and oceans. That being said, I do believe we can slow it down as well.

      By researching layers of sediment in our soil, scientists have proven that for example ice ages, happened because of the change in composition of our atmosphere (due to volcano eruptions for example). Some mass extinctions were directly related to high percentages of oxygen in our atmosphere. Oxygen is one of the most important things in the air, in order for life as we know it now, to exist. Yet other species could thrive with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. By creating or ‘polluting’ our air with specific materials, we can speed up the change of our climate.

      Calling these things myths, is ignorance. Certain industries just make you believe such things to safeguard their profit.

      I don’t want to sound anti-US int he following phrase, but oil-prices in US, as well as emission standards for American cars, should help you realize why US-citizens have the highest percentage of nonbelievers, concerning climate change. Yes they try to keep you dumb. (A bit like the catholic church did concerning the idea of a flat earth)

      To get back on topic, i almost completely agree with the first reaction (pythagoras). Although certain civilizations did realize the earth isn’t flat before Columbus, it was widely accepted in Europe to be flat at his time. Religions are indeed to be blamed. Just imagine all the lost time on a scientifically level due to religions. It saddens me to see some people still follow them in blind faith…

      *English is not my native tongue, if you want to dispute, find a reason other then language please*

      • You are better at English than the average American. You are also correct on every count, it is nice to see people in other countries that have an idea of what actually happens here. Too many Non-Americans know very little about what our country is like.

    • It’s a proven fact that we’ve been able to manipulate weather and have been doing so for a long time. You see those lines in the sky people call chemtrails.
      Looks like someone is playing etch a sketch or whatever it’s called, (you know what I mean so no need to be the Grammer guy!

      • That is far from a “proven fact”. Those lines are called contrails, not chemtrails. It’s water condensation. Nothing more.

    • We have the technology to manipulate the weather at will… & also to actually cause “natural disasters” like earthquakes.

  5. My question is: If the Earth indeed was flat, why don’t pilots just fly in straight lines to decrease travel time; why do they fly around and over the many countries?

  6. Guys (this site), you don’t have to prove to me that you might be hackers by telling me things about me, but if you are, then please just hack the stupid government and give us the answers…I can’t hack, if I could I would but I am not good enough with a computer. But anonymous has enough capable people to get the job done.
    Give us information about the ATS and why we can’t go to Antarctica and the round earth/ flat earth.

    • You can’t find this kind of information on the clearweb (Google,Firefox,etc), as the clear web indexes only about 1% of the world wide web. I suggest you learn about Tor browser, VPN, Pgp encryption, and a little research on how to use Linux. You won’t be disappointed to see what you can access from there. HOPE I HELPED !!

  7. Further investigation is needed, like checking out nasa videos. Just checked one out and looks really odd, kind of set an alarm on. Also going to research those question about us falling off, though they did give a video to explain it, but I don’t quite understand how being on the side of the earth is some haven or something. They are certain areas in the world restricted, what if there was a hole where you can fall off so it closed off too people. Well time to do some research. Very thought provoking stuff.

  8. The earth could be flat. More like lumpy and infinite. Also could be not rotating kinda like the sun. If you really want to know the other side search it and watch lots of videos on the net. Also check out the moon landing hoax while you are at it.

  9. So, to all you philosophers out there. . .have you considered the allegory of Plato’s Cave? In case you didn’t know, it’s about the prison of the mind. . .and that my friends is the globe! The good old BBC is in on the trap as well via that well known piece of fantasy called Dr Who and his TARDIS. Ask yourself, what else is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside? The head and the unlimited mind contained there-in. We have all been fooled and pride and ego (as usual) get in the way. To quote Mark Twain ‘It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled!’.

    • So what’s your actual point? Enlightenment is painful, and often the enlightened are viewed with mistrust or even downright hatred for sharing their viewpoints? I agree. Are you saying that because of that allegory, we should accept that the Earth is flat? I disagree. To reference a much more plebeian colloquialism – even a broken clock is right twice a day. The fact that enlightenment can be painful doesn’t mean that everything that is painful is enlightenment; sometimes you’re just touching something hot. To put it another way – the burden is on the philosopher to distinguish the difference between new realities and new illusions. Plato’s philosopher would be much more likely to accept being led out of his current reality into a new one, which would make him much easier to fool by those peddling new illusions. That’s probably why conspiracy theorists rarely only believe in one conspiracy…

    • A marvelous quote by Mark Twain. Unfortunately though, you will find that it also reveals a paradox. If you were fooled by Joe, and Bob tells you that Joe fooled you, what’s to say Bob isn’t fooling you too? Do you really know the Earth is flat, or is your own ego getting in the way to make you feel you are intellectual above a “global conspiracy”? And does your pride come out when you view all those brainwashed, and too stubborn to consider your theories, are inferior to your self-perceived view on your intellectual ability? It is a double edge sword that I have seen wielded by several posters on this article, this Mark Twain quote. I watched all the videos and all I see is videos and pictures used to depict an agenda for a flat-earth, and very hypocritically too. They use rhetorical questions to try and “convince” some one they are “fooled”. What is the difference between being convinced and fooled? Fooled is when you are convinced of something which is later to be revealed as untrue. Have they presented anything that logically debunks a geometrically round earth, or are the using deceptive visual effects to hypocritically accuse others of using visual effects? Believing in a flat-earth based upon anything these people have presented is like believing a magician if told you that he really uses magic and other magicians want you to think they are optical illusions. We know magicians use optical illusions to make their “tricks” look convincing. We know that magicians don’t pull things out of thin air and we know the Earth isn’t flat. If you want to believe in the optical illusions presented here, where a giant sphere in space looks flat from an immensely smaller organism’s perspective on it’s surface therefore it must be flat, then we have found the fool. You can not rely on observations with the eyes alone or your eyes will fool you just as the magician does.

      • Let’s be perfectly honest here shall we! That’s rhetorical! We cannot prove or disprove that the earth is a sphere or flat! However, they have proved that earth is a stationary plain!!!

          • Why cause nasa has computer generated images or videos? Thats no different then me making a flat earth video or image? When nasa releases video from outerspace they claim they went to the moon so they should have it considering they did “research” of the earth on an axis spinning 1000mph and rotating around sun at 67000 mph and no they DO NOT HAVE A VIDEO OF THIS OCCURING. Try to find a real video of this and I promise you, you will not find it besides computer generated which is fake which other video and images are fake and anybody that scans through them easily can tell and they all lack the features that they explain and say occur. Most people don’t even do research they just take someone’s word for it and that’s what shows you how mentally weak people really are and why nasa gets away with what they get away with like apollo 11 fakery cgi 100% fake. And if you watch the interview given by the Apollo 11 crew they look like their mother just died and look highly nervous I can only imagine why because they’re liars and they know it because if you really went to the moon you be so excited and so hyped up to explain what you saw and what occurred.. People that explore the truth and find inconsistencies or lies in NASA images or videos the media or NASA will discredit it as conspiracies and use crab ass excuses on why this or this happens,the little sheep will eat it and believe it with no questions asked. Nasa is santanic period. Do research look at mission patches and their freemason friends.

        • what? really? WHAT? We have disproved that the earth is flat. It is people with your attitude that keep this myth going.

          What amazes me is that people are not saying anything about everyone with a powerful telescope. many people can just look in a telescope and see round planets and stars. If 99.5% of other celestial objects are spheres, then the odds are excellent that the earth is also a sphere. Common sense, people.

      • People can argue all they want, the fact is no one can prove anything the same with the area 51 conspiracy,even if NASA admit today the earth is flat, then the arguement will be the earth is round

  10. My dad has been trying to convince me – in such a patronising way – that the earth is flat and he won’t quit trying to “prove it to me”. He says : “do your research and you will see! Follow these links to evidence” …..and he proceeds to send me 30 links to YouTube illuminati/Alex Jones/ flat earth society channels. I’m growing very concerned for his mental health and it’s tearing our relationship apart. At this point we have no real relationship. I’m incredibly sad about this.

    • grow up , its hurting “your” relationship because you’re judging him as crazy, its your fault not his. Unless he is experiencing angst, grief, anxiety, hate, anger, depression, especially at strong levels because of his ideas they are just ideas and tolerance is important regardless. Isn’t it more fun to believe in Santa than to not have a Christmas ? Not justifying or slamming Christmas, just pointing out that kids experience more happiness because of a delusion than if they didn’t.

    • This is a very sad and pathetic issue you just stated! People can bring up any type of theory even conspiracy theories but 9nly the flat earth theory will make people angry, ruin relationships, friendships etc. Another major problem going on as we speak is people are trying to say the flatearthers have mental disorders! Ok, now that’s just stupid and ridiculous, you kind of sound like a troll or a shill (if I’m using those correctly) there’s many proofs out there that debunks what we ALL WERE TAUGHT!!! It’s a subject that deserves further research and less dismissive attitudes! ! The reason people say do your own research is because once you start studying the more improbable it is for a spinning ball earth hurling through space! I assert that most people don’t even realize the science “facts” about our world!!! How many of you know about LEO (Low Earth Orbit)? How many people realize that’s where every space endeavor has taken place for the exception of the Apollo missions! ! Remember leo is only 99 miles up to somewhere around 2,000 miles. They say the moon is (estimated )237,000 miles away but leo is the highest we can safely go. Look up the thermosphere, where it’s at, the temperature of that area and the melting point of certain solids. It’s all crazy!!!

      • It makes people angry because it is completely crazy! It’s very easy to prove the earth is spherical. It’s not a philosophical thing that is subjective. Some very simple geometry proves it’s not flat. Flat earth believers must have no understanding of geometry to be taken in by the idea.

      • The thermosphere is a near vacuum with very few atoms. Though the temperature is high, there are too few atoms to transfer that temperature so it does not pose a problem.

    • How do you know he’s not right? The problem is that there are very good arguments for both sides.. and both sides seem to be able to PROVE certain things that weigh heavily in their favor. I am a very analytical person and need to see proof beyond doubt before I can plant my flag either way. Initially, I would dismiss the whole Flat Earth idea as lunacy because we have all been indoctrinated toward the Globe from childhood. However, once becoming convinced of the lies and deceptions of NASA and the government in general, one starts to question the Hard-Line Story about most things we hear from them. No one can doubt that we as a people have been lied to & deceived countless times by those commissioned to lead, protect and serve us in order to achieve an objective that we would otherwise be less than happy about.

      As for FE, if they could show me how sunrise and sunset can be explained satisfactorily (no explanations I have seen work for me – including the spotlight theory because the sun would get smaller until it went out of sight instead of just going down below the horizon at the same size it was all day) and also night skies being so different across the world and stars rotating the opposite direction… I would be more inclined to endorse it. But, until then… I’m not entirely discounting it but remaining open to future evidence.

      Give your old man a chance. He just might surprise you! Plus, who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?!!

      • Hi Biggie, what a great post! I was really moved by your words and attitude. I feel pretty the same. To me all this scepticism towards “scientific” teories started with Nasa hoax about moon landing. Now I quesion more and more things around me and feel pretty confused. for sure I don’t believe in thoery of this crazy earth’s motion through the space. If it spins around own axis , additionally runs around sun, which runs around galaxy and so on, how we can see all this patterns of stars every night of every year. There is is an order, which shows that rushing through cosmos in all directions is pretty unlikely.

  11. Not sure about anything but how is weather predicted? How are we able to see storms coming and going? Where the wind comes from out of the blue? How do we detect stuff like that if it was flat? Has anyone jump into a plane and headed one direction until they returned to the same spot? Provided they made stops to gas up and maintenance checks but continued in the same direction. Has anyone shot a laser and see if it goes somewhat in an infinite cycle…? I’m Prof. Wassaname and these are questions I must know the answers to.

  12. I, like many was told at school that Columbus was the only one who thought the world was round. That was wrong.

    Where he thought differently was that HE thought it was smaller than everyone else. HE thought that he could sail West and reach Asia. Everyone else KNEW it was too far and you would run out of provisions.

    Columbus was just lucky that he ran into a continent that no one knew was there, as simple as that. If it HADN’T been there he would have died of hunger/thirst like everyone else expected him too – and why no one else tried it.

  13. excellent doco/ information…. do have some questions…

    1) boats and volcanoes
    constant Hawaii eruptions..raise the ocean levels also people..and heat ?? negiable Maybe ??.

    2) the Flat earth map……. continent map of the United Nations is so flat the continents are misrepresented in size ??

    3) I have seen views of the sun and moon being in the same sky at the same time..I do not find this a problem with a flat earth theory.. please give more information..

    4) I am all for your concerns regarding space travel regarding the Van Ellen Belt .. And secrecy with the Antartic Treaty.

    5) And My sun this year 2015 December has moved significantly south this year.. enough to concern me !! Queensland Aust Code 4550.

  14. As with all typical articles wrote by people that have done little research into the matter, you have asked completely stupid questions and stated false info as facts at the end which makes the whole theory sound ludicrous. you have got key points wrong and used dubious sources (flat earth society) to gain a false generalised view.
    I am just going to as one simple question
    going off the globe theory, Nasa, and science, the earth’s curvature has been calculated after 8 miles the curve on the globe drops, so with that being said how can I still see some 40 odd miles out on a clear day and either see a mountain, lighthouse, church or other building etc in full when it should be a mile or so over the curve and should be completely unseen or the very most just the top should be visible, but yet I can see it in full with my own eyes?(I don’t have the exact mathematcal calculations but you can get them) and with a telescope you can see further, how is this so with the earth curving into a ball?

    • You can see it because of the reflection by the atmosphere, anyways earth can’t be flat because of gravity and rotation

      • I’m sorry but that is the dumbest, idiotic reason I’ve ever heard of why the earth can’t be flat!! Lol, can you prove gravity? Can you prove rotation? Can you make water stay on a ball? The answers are NO!!!

        • Yes water could stay on a ball if it was going fast enough and their was no atmospere to blow it off, you can stay on a upside down roller coster with out a seat belt im intreagued by most conspiricys and believe a some of them but the earth being flat is up there with the worst ive heard

          • not really. Experimens presented in slow motion show, than on spinning ball water accumulates around equator just before being swept off the ball.
            (sorry for my English)

          • So you are saying water sticks to the earth because it is positively charged? So gravity is just electromagnetism.

            Why do masons believe there are stationary planes and don’t account for curvature when creating structures despite thousands of years of architecture and design?

            Water won’t stay on a ball because mass > density of air. Has nothing to do with G or itnotgaotu

        • Water won’t stay on a tennis ball because their is a much much bigger ball right under it spinning. And that ball draws the water off if the tennis ball. That big ball is Earth.

      • The atmosphere does NOT allow you to see around a ball..! & being able to zoom in and see something that should be hidden by the Earth’s curvature IS one of the best reasons to question the globe position!

        What do you know about gravity? And rotation? Please explain why those 2 things would preclude a flat earth…

    • First you must realize is calculated with both points at sea level. For visual distance (how far you can see an object) it is the distance to the horizon from the observer added to the distance to the horizon from the object being observed and then atmospheric refraction figured in. It is why we see farther the higher we go.

      The formula for distance to horizon which automatically figures in refraction is the square root of height in feet times 1.32. The answer is in miles.

      Examples, if your eyes are 1 foot off the ground your distance to the horizon is square root of 1 times 1.32 or 1.32 miles. For 6 feet it is 3.23 miles

      Now say you are looking at a 100 foot tall building while standing. Your distance to the horizon would be 3.23 miles. Add that to the distance to the horizon of the building which would be 13.2 miles that means you could see the building up to 16.43 miles away.

      The reason for this is as I said curvature is always at sea level but you are looking at an object that rises above sea level

  15. what`s killing me is this shit here =
    This suposes to calculate the earth’s curvature na horizon view, where you could see or not na object in a determined distance. But real life tests doesn’t show this drop in earth’s curvature and make’s me scary. I did myself a test between a light-house 48km of my point of view, I was at sea level (beach) 2 meters above sea, and still, I saw that DAMN light-house light. It was suppose to disapear, no light at all showing. The shadow drop in the horizon line was suppose to be 23 meters. Just for reference, the light-house light was 74 meters high from sea-level.

      • i think it would be impossible even on flat earth. Atmosphere has got some density, smog etc.
        However I am not scientist, so may be wrong. Speaking of telescopes – I have been always curious how possible is that scientists show us pics of distant galaxies and so on, while showing us stuff left on moon is beyond their ability….where is the flag?????

  16. There’s concrete prove that the world is round…go to YouTube and search…the only reason why this doesn’t get presented in the media its because governments want reliability and consistency…especially for learners at school so they’d rather go for a lie which has many points and they’re so called NASA evidence

  17. Ever seen the moon in the sky during the day?
    I have many of times and I’m sure you have too! If the earth were round then that means if it is day and I am seeing the moon and the sun at the same time, then, what is the other side of the world seeing when it supposed to be dark there? No moon?

  18. Ok, let’s say the Earth is flat, Then why is every other body in space round ???
    Why are the Sun and the Mun round then, explain me this !

    • it’s not that the earth is a flat celestial body in space, but it’s round like the sun and moon, but within it’s atmosphere is a flat terrain on top a body of water, which is where we reside. look at the diagrams…

  19. Wow, the idiocy in some people is exceptional. By FE’ers logic, i should be able to ascend, let’s say, Burj Khalifa, whip out a massive telescope and play peeping tom to some unweary New Yorkers.. But i can’t! Why? Oh i dunno, maybe because the freaking earth is a gigantic-ass ball!!
    Them and their stupid “facts”. Clearly none of them finished grade school, or if they did, they weren’t paying much attention in geography class.
    Also, another thing they keep bringing up as proof, is a huge antarctic ice wall or whatever and that no one can go there!? Umm, wait a sec, yea, NASA might be hoaxing, but what about all these people who have been and are in the Antarctic right now. And all the images and videos shot. And those thousands of cutsie penguins. Are they photoshopped as well!? If you answered “YES”, i suggest you get your head checked, all is not well in that wonderland you live in!
    Also, FE’ers claim the earth is flat and gravity does not exist, and that is one of the main proofs. OH hold on now, didn’t our smartsie-pants science people just confirm the existance of gravitational waves!? You bet ya flat-uneducated-ass! Great, we can put this to rest now and all the FE enthusiasts can go to sleep. Or do whatever they do when they aren’t spreading stupidity in all 360 directions.

    • i don’t understand what you’re trying to say with your telescope theory? Where are you in relation to New york for a start… please explain your point… and not all flat earther’s are on the same page… there are some that have “theories” they pulled out their ass while “thinking” about it, while there are some people who deal with realistic theories… try not to get confused with the two sides… And i don’t think anyone is arguing the fact that penguins exist hahaha. maybe you should come up with some coherent comments instead of just blindly attacking people because you think you’re right.

    • Scientists and school and geography! I believe what im taught by by the people who are ment to teach me. At least look into fact that the evidence is strong for the earth being flat with scientific evidence that you can try your self. Put a telescope on the beach and zoom out to a boat thats disappeared out of sight. Gosh its still there? It didn’t go around a big curve after all!

  20. Gracias Anonymous. Cada vez tengo mas claro que la tierra no es una bola. Este artículo demuestra no tener ni idea del tema, pero no me extraña viniendo de Anonymous. Pobres engañados. Anonymous, Edward Snowden, Greenpeace, son solos unos ejemplos de Marketing agresivo utilizado por los gobiernos para meter en el subconsciente el pensamiento de: “ya hay alguien haciendo algo por mi” Que no os manipulen! Todas las preguntas que plantean sobre la tierra plana y todas las que os podáis plantear vosotros, tienen respuestas. Que Anonymous haya ridiculizado este tema, al igual que hacen las TV´s, me hace pensar que de verdad hay algo oculto. Por no decir las cientos de cosas que he podido ver y comprobar. Creo que nadie de aquí puede demostrar que la tierra es redonda. No se como será, pero redonda, bola, y que gira y se traslada alrededor del sol, seguro que no. Solo hay que pensar un poquito para darse cuenta. Una buena pista es el mapa estelar…

    • Their claim then from north pole, the Arctic circle is 15000km radius with circumference 94,247.78km while Antarctic is radius 34,804 radius with circumference 2.19×10^5.

  21. This doesn’t deserve to be on the anonymous site. The fact that you guys allowed this to even be posted is absurd. There’s a lot more important issues and conspiracy facts that should be getting shared.

  22. This is just a dire highlight of the educational bankruptcy of people where there really is no excuse. The amount of knowledge regarding even basic physics that is missing…as well as a shocking lack in the ability to deduce certain facts with personal observation and really basic thought processes.
    Genetically it just is a fact that some people will be born stupid.
    Now we see where they congregate. (Dotted around with Creationists for added flavour)

      • even so not all ppl will vote for him, but certainly his movement has a different perspective from the classic politicians, I’d like to see him winning maybe he could turn things around and convince some people that who’s hiding the truth.

    • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… I am going to take a stab here that Ms. Ashanti is a firm believer in………. the Concave Earth paradox? Please tell me I am advancing to the bonus round…

  23. “I like the Tin-Man.” Copper Nickus wasn’t impressed with the heliocentric theory he created (which clearly means the author of globe earth wasn’t on board) to the extent that the ones in charge of publishing this information waited until his death to release it as the “facts”, no book tour for those pesky questions… straight up Jesuit style…

  24. Which Long Island County has the highest concentration of individuals working within the space community? Nasa County, with Sofake County coming in a close second.

  25. At certain point, the earth could be flat but just imagine how ppl will feel, probably USA will be demolished by most of the nations. The best thing that could happen will be to create an independent team that make a real test, maybe by sending normal person to the Space station if it really exist, we need to know the truth once and for all!

  26. hello! i was a doubter in the FE system until i started researching:

    2)canal building
    3)the bible
    4)modern plane travel
    5)admiral byrd
    6)conspiracies against it

    hope this helps someone.

    • I was a believer in the flat earth idea for 10 seconds, until common sense kicked in and I asked myself, why the fuck is earth the only flat piece of shit floating around?

      • Because we’re special. Seriously! That’s the argument. & if we knew the truth and could prove it, we would know that the world was created for us by a supreme being and that we really are the center of the universe. I’d like to believe that too, but…

  27. The earth is 71% water. Water always finds its level. Science is based on facts that can be proven. Gravity has never been proven. Look it up. Wake up and look around. We live on a flat circular plane called earth. The sun and moon are much closer than you’ve been told and are moving in their own paths above the stationary earth giving us day and night. The north pole is the center of the earth and the north star above it never moves. NASA lies. The only reason you believe you live on a ball is because of the fake cgi photos that nasa gives you. You might want to google operation paperclip sometime, btw. Oh, and we’ve never been to the moon. They can’t even go to the moon now. The ISS is not in space, just in low earth orbit. Their fakery is filmed in zero gravity planes. Our flat circular plane called earth inside a dome. Rainbows prove it. Read your bible. It’s true. The big bang and evolution are lies leading you away from our Creator. The idea that we are on a spinning ball orbiting the sun flying through space at unbelievable speeds, and yet we see the same star patterns years, after decades, after centuries is not a coincidence. Stop drinking the fluoride and start doing a little honest research and wake the f up.

    • Check out amateur photography on YouTube of stars and planets. People taking their 70X zoom fancy recorders and showing you an amazing truth.

    • I don’t know what I think about this. I honestly don’t think it makes much difference either way. But I have a question and after reading dozens of posts I’d like your thoughts. What would be the benefit of the lie? If it was announced tomorrow that the world was actually flat, and what we thought we knew was wrong, how would everyday life change?

  28. The stupidest thing about all of this is that NASA should be able to put the whole issue to rest by releasing REAL UNEDITED photos and video to prove Globe Earth and Heliocentricity.. but they don’t. They should obviously have hundreds of thousands in their archives! Additionally, they have lied and been caught (whether you are aware of it or not!) so many times right from the start that they have little to no credibility. When they do actually release a “photo” or video it is instantly shown to be faked or altered beyond doubt. Not a good track record. People act like those who question the moon landing or 911 being an inside job are crazy or stupid when, in reality, they themselves have either not looked at the evidence objectively or they are part of the disinformation campaign. Why do we not believe what they tell us? Because what they tell us is not believable. Why do we think they would lie? Because they have done it so many times before (research False Flags). Why do we care? Because we would prefer not to be thrown into another BS war or fund BS projects with our hard-earned money when it’s all based on lies for a handful of evil people to gain even more wealth, power and control over the rest of us.

  29. The Flat Earth conspiracy is complete bilge.
    Its some conspiracy of some hardline superstitious minds still rotting in their medieval carcasses.

    All their proof are some sort of assumption with infinite number of variations.

    The post here has pointed out the crucial facts which Flat Earth theory cannot ever explain.

    Even if some junkie finds a way to explain those, they can never explain the fact how NASA is so capable of fooling other world governments over some serious profit.

    They forget Cold War and how ROSKOSMOS would have given everything to prove NASA a fraud and expose them by supporting Flat Earth and proving it with hard evidence,simply gain popularity among superstitious folks since majority of the mundane human civilization is full of them – it was a Space Race back then, and definitely not a race to prove who is the bigger fraud.

    Also if Sun is that close to the Flat Earth – which is also a concept of the theory ,it would have been weaponized too- since it wont have been too hot to handle then.
    They also think USA controls all – well no.

    The theory finds a great deal of footing from idle timers and net trolls – just like that 2012 hoax , and rake in some profit from these.

  30. At the questions i saw it said that “If the Earth was flat, we could fall off the horizon. But we don’t.”.What about the gravity that keeps us on foot wouldn’t be the same if the Earth was Flat??

  31. Where would the ships go, that drove around the edge?? if the whole world, as we know it, was on the top of the plate, how would it look from beneath?

  32. Don’t we have other things to worry about in this world than how it is shaped? I could really careless about the shape of the world. I’m more worried about the conflicts of everyday life, but no lets bicker on weather the world is flat or round. I’m pretty young so my opinion shouldn’t be held so high but still. There are far bigger issues that we should all focus on. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

  33. You guys it’s obvious the earth is a giant cube . It was once an ice cube then started melting witch cause the oceans to form and global warming is just the cube still melting commeonn now so obvious

  34. no actually the earth is in more of a pyramid shape…you scientists and all your trigonometry work..working with fathoms and such…oh i get it…the earth turned flat and that would explain the artic ice caps melting…think you guys need to stop listening to old paul from on the hiillll lol

  35. Ironically, the final video the author links to, the Eric Dubay video, completely explains everything the author is confused about, and debunks all of his bullet points at the end.

  36. Let’s just assume in both theories, Arctic is the same size, and it would therefor take an equal amount of time to get around it for both theories.
    Using some of the same distances to the Antarctic shoreline on certain points, it would take way longer for the “flat earth” theory to reach the starting point than the “round earth” theory due to basic geometry?

      • afkm? Can any of the flat earth folks explain WHY the earth is flat, what reproducible and scale-able proof do you have? What makes bodies in space flat, how do you form a flat body in space. WHY THAT SHAPE? I know that when liquids are in free fall or simulated 0 gravity (Space) they become spherical. Do you know WHY they become spherical? Don’t hate the shape, give me a rational and sound explanation for why rain isn’t disc shaped. And if you say surface tension, then why would that not be extrapolated to larger bodies in space? Sure I haven’t SEEN a planet form, but i’m not a fucking moron either.

        I hear a confused ass trying to imitate Denis Leary’s appearance and mannerisms in that video.
        What about dude filming himself at home eating a grapefruit…seriously stuck in the past, resistant to change or new thought. I know he is stuck in the past because of the quality of the video. He was filming himself on some ancient equipment. Probably Ma and Pa’s old home video camera. And if ANYONE thinks i’m wrong about that assessment, it is practically the whole argument of the flat earthers. That’s not true because its not what I expect. That’s not true because its poor quality. That’s not true because it conflicts with the ideologies I’ve ingratiated into my brain. That’s not true because its not on top of the backs of elephants on top of the back of a turtle swimming in a cosmic ocean…which i presume is also flat.

        Why does a planet not flicker with pulses of light like other stars, why is the light that is reflected off of them a constant? Are all of these planetary discs conveniently facing us? If so, why do they move in the sky? Is the flat earth the ONLY object in space that doesn’t move, WHY does it not move?
        And IF the sun whirls above the earth shining light down, why can I see these planets that are in our solar system. Once again are they all conveniently facing our planet?

  37. The earth is a giant (spherical) biology experiment. A sort of terrarium. Created by some intellectually advanced beings. All of the living things exist in balance. Except one. One species is too successful. Biologically successful. Humans. The humans are over populating the terrarium. Consuming natural resources faster than natural forces can replenish them. Creating waste faster than natural processes can absorb it. Our creators are watching to see what will happen. Are we intelligent enough to eventually recognize this and halt population growth? Or will we remain oblivious and overrun our terrarium?
    Perversely, “natural selection” will prevent or delay resolution: There are people who believe that overpopulation is a problem. And there are those who do not see it as a problem. Or worse, see some short term benefit of increasing “their” numbers. Those who see overpopulation as a problem will have fewer children. Since ideas and philosophies about the world and life are passed down in families, there will be fewer people believing that overpopulation is a problem. Meanwhile, those who don’t see overpopulation as a problem, or that larger families are good for their tribe, will have larger families. Thus, over generations, the world will become increasingly populated by people who are oblivious to the ill effects of overpopulation. Those who can see the danger will dwindle away.
    Meanwhile, there is another evolutionary process underway which will exacerbate the problem: Throughout the evolution of humans when survival was difficult, superior intelligence provided a survival advantage. Only those with superior intelligence could successfully raise large (or any) families. Our modern world is different. Do you see any correlation between intelligence and family size? I do. But it is in the wrong direction. If you allow that high achieving is a surrogate for high intelligence, it looks to me like highly successful families have fewer children. While lower achieving parents tend to have larger families.
    The growing population of humans will have an ever diminishing intelligence and will be increasingly oblivious of the damage caused by our increasing numbers.
    It would interesting to see the outcome. From a great distance.

  38. A flat earth theory wouldn’t also explain the observed Coriolis effect, which leads to wind deflection in different directions in the two hemispheres.
    Come on guys the world is indeed a sphere.

  39. Some answers to “some” questions

    //if the Earth was flat, we could travel to the place where the Earth and sky met. But we can’t.//
    Why exactly it assumed that we could? no one knows if there is an actual dome or simple square firmaments above us, assuming we could touch the sky is silly, of course not to mention that no one would let you even try that since the antarctic is protected by heavy military.

    //If the Earth was flat, we could reach the place where we could reach out and touch the Sun. But we can’t.//
    Going far enough we might be able to, the problem is that the sun is most likely higher than anything built by man can reach, the creator knew exactly how capable men would be so he designed everything accordingly.

    //If the Earth was flat, we could fall off the horizon. But we don’t.//
    That is just plain silly, this is assuming there is something to fall from, we are surrounded by land and then everything is surrounded by water 360 degrees, outside of the water is the heavenly realm which is endless.
    You can’t fall off anything…

    //If the Earth was flat, it would simply fall. But it doesn’t.//
    Again the earth has no where to fall, this is assuming with a limited mind that there should be space beneath us, in the bible it explains that the earth is resting on pillars of the deep.

    //If the Earth was flat, a lunar eclipse would cast an oval shadow on the //Moon’s surface. But it doesn’t.

    You cannot get any shadows on the moon because it is not a physical surface but most likely a source of light/energy, it looks round but it’s not. (it creates it’s own type of light which is cool in nature)

    //If the Earth was flat, the lengths of all the shadows would be identical when measured simultaneously because all rays of sunlight that strike the Earth are parallel. But they vary.//
    Not true, shadows vary according to the angle the light source is and the size and shape of the object the shadow is being cast off, you can experiment yourself with a flashlight and a flat surface such as a table.

    //But if the Earth is not flat, why does it look flat?//
    Because it is, trust your eyes and senses.

    Water does not bend around a ball, it is physically impossible, but they want us to believe it is possible, water always is flat, straight and level.

  40. Funny that most of you people believe that lizards run the globe, but you won’t research flat earth. The earth is tilted at 23.4 degrees at the vertical or 66.6 degrees at the horizontal. We spin at 1037 miles per hour, or 1666kmh. We spin around the sun at 66,666mph, and the sun flies through the universe at around 670,000mph. Gravity was discovered by Newton in 1666. Feel duped yet?

  41. Fellow travelers, “I know nothing” is not such a bad place to be in. It sure is the place I’m at. Lets be a little humble in our discussions because who knows jack shit at the end of the day? Professional astronomers…the more I look at the stars with my scope the more I think they don’t know diddly squat its just arrogance. We don’t remember anything before age 5 or so, we are gonna die and then what…we age but why…something truly bizarre is DEFINITELY going on with NASA and their fakings and we don’t even know what heck is going on on the moon or Antarctica let alone farther afield. ISS mockups and fakery omg! Re-entry impossible? People just killed if they get too close to truth….Jack parsons and the Nazis the founders of modern rocketry..?. Breakaway civilizations is that the deal? We are getting wool pulled over our eyes alright. Chronology and history from as close as 200 years ago may be NOTHING like what we are told…time is fluid anyways so the quantum scientists say… The Matrix, Dark City, and the Truman show – something about these movies resonates but what…so whether this Shakespearian “stage” of ours is frikkin flat or round the Earth and our lives upon it is still a miraculous metaphysical phenomenom of Life held in absolute ridiculous hilarious balance within say a couple miles band of supportive atmosphere which somehow keeps in balance with Earth just a few minutes without it we are goners… but how? What a JOKE! Would a super advanced intergalactic civilization know what keeps it all ticking and the true nature of a galaxy or would they still be seeking? The deeper you delve the wilder and wilder it gets, why so many lies and such deception, who are the people or what is the force that keeps truths at a distance from us all? Is a galaxy flat or round. Is the universe flat or round, rotating or static, expanding or contracting, and do you reach the edge of the universe and then what wtf happens? It blows my mind waking up each morning still alive!!! My atoms they say are 99.99% empty…nothing to it man! Forgive my musings but I AM trying to make a serious point: think this is why the subject of flat earth, misleading or not, can be so emotive and confusing…it brings up a lot of other mysteries of our lives, the subtle realization of “I know nothing” yet what is there to fear is my general conclusion. Somehow we all got to this experience after “allegedly” billions of years evolution (whatever that means wtf) so there must be some sponsoring force? We are all gonna die, it often ends bad, but a baby seems to be happy enough to be here. I really need to go have a lie down and sort all this shit out.

  42. First the Earth was flat, but then the costs of keeping it watertight got too big, and so it was slowly and carefully wrapped around the great big ball of dumblond. Since everybody nows that dumblond is attractive, that force was used to keep everything safely sticking to the surface.

    The only proof that Earth is flat is a map. But then, someone wrapped the map around the hollow globe, and thus created the Round Earth and also Hollow Earth theories.

    Luckily, all theories come from the limited quantity of Literature which has over the centuries been translated, transcribed and transformed thousands of times because it needed to suit some tsar, king, pharaoh, lawyer or priests’ intents. Whosoever dared contradict such Literature was shortened by the head, and in time people ceased to contradict the Literature for pretty much the practical reasons of staying alive and well.

    Nowadays, Democracy gives everyone right to say whatever they want, and prior thinking is not mandatory. Thus, everyone says what they both think and not think with impunity.

    But one should note that a sample taken from every society in known history always reveals 78% stupids, 21% reasonables, and about 1% noble-minded, or extraordinary.
    Funnywise, our atmosphere shows the similar percentage of its component gases, which proves that Nature tends to repeat its successful designs.

    Considering the Literature and the way it has been (mis)used through time, it also shows how Nature defends itself from the Man: by creating overwhelming prevalence of stupids, which keeps the speed of advancement in check – very similar to the role of Nitrogen within our breathing gas mixture! Should there be more Oxygen, everything would have been burned to a crisp ages ago.


    The problem of Flat or Round Earth (Moon, Mars, Sun, Universe, etc.) comes from hilarious liberty of Free Speech without mandatory readiness to use roundish (or flattish) organ between the ears. By dint of said organ and some time invested in enjoying of Terry Prattchet’s “STRATA”, and then maybe the whole “Discworld” series, may gain the good folks much insight in both problematics, also the way those were solved.

    Finally, three more things:
    – First, why would anyone care about the World form, if there is no danger of falling off, falling through, or any such case? Plenty more ways to get effed up in life.
    – Second, everyone will find the final Truth soon enough, so it is safe to suggest that life should be enjoyed before that moment.
    – We are only dreaming.

  43. Why don’t, any one of you, get one of those little video cameras, strap it to a rocket that you can buy,build,and launch yourself (make sure it’s powerful enough), a gps to track the damned thing, and shoot that sucker into the upper atmosphere! Chase it down when it comes back down and watch the footage. Actually, I think someone has already done that, and there’s your answer. God, people! This! This is what people are upset about these days? WOW! Where’s the common sense in half of you people? HA!

  44. I had a nice chuckle while reading this Flat-Earth Conspiracy. I mean it is so crazy as to be somewhat amusing. I mentioned this to my room mate and to my horror he told me that he actually believes in this nonsense. Flabergasted … I think I need a new room-mate.

  45. Well Let’s work hard then to find out what’s true (gain money to but a ticket to outer space or up above and see). Anyway that’s the only thing we can trust-our own eyes.

  46. “In 2005 Steven Fosset circumnavigated the Earth. After a 76-hour and 45-minute flight, travelling 26,389.3 miles he landed in the area he took off.”

    If he flew over Antarctica around the Earth that would be proof (that I would believe only if I were able to be on the plane with him!) of the round Earth,, otherwise it doesn’t prove anything

  47. So why is the earth so special and its the only planet that is flat?… why isn’t it a sphere like all the other planets we can see through telescopes?… why is the earth a flat circle and not a flat square?… what flat earthers do is ask questions that are impossible to answer, or the questions have been answered and the people that have answered them are apart of this conspiracy world the flat earthers have made… if the earth was flat and in the bible it said the earth was the shape of an egg then people would think that the earth was the shape of an egg… what im trying to tell you (flat earthers) is that you think the earth is flat from a book that was made before space travel was a thing… we have actual physical evidence that we have travelled to space and that the earth is round because we have videos and pictures showing us… but its whether u believe it or not… if u dont believe the earth is round the its flat is u dont believe the earth is flat then the earth is round… why not instead of proving the other person wrong u just prove ur own theory first, look at the details look at the evidence… research for your self dont watch youtube videos and think u are an expert on this topic because u are not… i could make up a load of ballshit and u will believe me… lets see how an argument would look between a flat earther and a (brainwashed) person that believes the earth is round because ever since he was a child he has been taught by a government based curriculum… so here it is: “my book says the earth is flat”, “but your book is wrong”, “my book says the earth is a sphere”, “but your book is wrong”… now this is what it looks like… what if they want this what if they have created both of these “earths” to distract everyone from the fact that the earth is a cube…

  48. Here’s one for the flat earth believers, go to YouTube and look for the red bull free fall video. Tell me if the earth is flat or was this also a nasa hoax! Flat earthers your a bunch of fuckin donkeys!

  49. flat earth… bunch of retards… how do you explain the 4 seasons in the norther hemisphere? how do you explain the polar night and midsummer night we have here in norther Scandinavia? 4 real, if the earth would be flat all of that would not be possible…. there is much more serious stuff going on, ww3 is just about to start, the collapse of the petrodollar-system and western society turning Europe into an Islamic state, the globalist Elite will invade Russia for all natural resources, that is serious shit and not even conspiracy bs or religious propaganda, now this nonsense about the earth being flat, 4 real, its retarded even to consider… grow up

  50. Now, NASA is saying that the earth is not a sphere, but it is instead, pear-shaped. So, just ignore the sphere earth pictures and move along.

  51. ??? I live near the ocean, I see oil tankers come in and unload oil about a mile out, when they leave they get smaller and smaller till I don’t see them any more, but when I use my binoculars I can see them till again they go out of sight, then I get out my telescope and I i can see them so well that I can see the men working on the deck. question if the earth is round and they are headed out to sea and following the coast line. why can I still see them? they say that in a round earth that so many miles out the horizon loses 8″ per mile, but I still that ship at 20 miles out and 50 miles out and still at 100 miles out when the ship turns and goes north. so why is this on a round earth??? on a flat earth this makes sense

  52. “Columbus was the only one of his time who believed that the Earth was round; everyone else believed it was flat. The Flat-Earthers thought the Earth didn’t fall because it was resting on huge elephants” Vandita.

    The above quote is a-historical nonsense.
    The distinguished Historian of Science David C. Lindberg sums up the history of the flat earth belief below.

    “The sphericity of the earth, thus defended by Aristotle, would never be forgotten or seriously questioned. The widespread myth that medieval people believed in a flat earth is of modern origin”.

    David C Lindberg “The Beginnings of Western Science: The European Scientific Tradition in Philosophical, Religious, and Institutional Context, Prehistory to A.D. 1450, 2nd ed 2007. p.56

    “Cosmas Indicopleustes (fl.540), a self educated,widely traveled merchant. Converted to Christianity, he was persuaded by certain biblical passages, literally interpreted, that the earth was flat—a flat rectangle, covered with a vault containing the stars and planets. He developed his theory in a book, Christian Topography, in which he employed a variety of arguments in defense of his theory of the flat earth. Cosmas was not particularly influential in Byzantine, but he is important for us because he has been commonly used to buttress the claim that all (or most) medieval people believed they lived on a flat earth. This claim (as readers of this book must by now know) is totally false. Cosmas is in fact the only medieval European known to have defended a flat earth cosmology, whereas, it is safe to assume that all educated Western Europeans (and almost one hundred percent of educated Byzantines), as well as sailors and travelers, believed in the earth’s sphericity. The myth of pre-Columbian belief in a flat earth, finally laid to rest by Columbus, was the invention of the American essayist Washington Irving, writing in the 1820’s.
    David C Lindberg “The Beginnings of Western Science, p.161

  53. Not just NASA who is part of the deception. Also the Smithsonian and all its archeologists are also pushing the heliocentric agenda by dating how long man has existed on earth to coincide with NASAs “findings” about the age of our planet and species. I don’t believe we’ve been to space and NASA has been taking billions of tax payers money in the name of “space exploration” when all they are doing is trying to perfect making a believable video that simulates being in “outer space”. The Smithsonian is just as bad. I no longer believe in dinosaurs. All these fossils they supposedly found are not real. The story about how they got wiped out by a meteor that supposedly struck earth and shot up so much dust that it blocked the sun and started the ice age. It’s almost as far fetched as the idea of earth hurling through space at thousands of miles per hour.

  54. The only reason I started researching the FE stuff was because I had to know how anyone over the age of 3 could believe such a thing. It’s absolutely surreal that this is an issue in 2017! I’ve had to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. I’ve gone back to my toddler days singing, “Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are!” But I must admit, sadly, the FE model wasn’t the way I pictured it to be, and I’ve done enough research to understand how some believe it.

    The shape of our home matters, because if FE is true, there’s some agencies out there stealing our hard earned dollars to line their pockets, while they laugh at us believing their lies. I hope that’s not the case. But maybe they hide the truth in plain sight! They make such obvious mistakes on the ISS videos and live feeds! One astronaut said he was ‘coming to us live from the US’ – while he was supposedly out in space? And one woman’s long hair was straight up instead of ‘floating’ around her head. On another feed, they were in daylight for over an hour and 15 mins, but it should have been only about 45 mins, if they circle the earth in 90 mins. Sometimes their night feed is all black; where are the city lights? And why oh WHY… do they not show us the Milky Way from space? Surely that must take their breath away indeed! And why do so many astronauts say the earth looks ‘small’ from space? Small?! And they don’t even try to hide the dreadfully photo-shopped pictures! NASA’s logo (red chevron or forked tongue?) and the UN flag bother me. I remember long ago as a kid, I pondered why the stars never changed position if the universe is expanding. “They’re just so far away” I guess. And why haven’t we seen any stars explode?

    But here’s what I can’t get past, and why I’m still hugging the sphere. The stars rotate opposite each other in the northern and southern hemispheres. That’s only possible on a globe. The sun and moon do NOT shrink as they near the horizon (as they would on the FE model); in fact, it’s well known that the moon appears larger AT the horizon! And the lunar eclipses show the curved shadow of earth. I witnessed comet Hale-Bopp in 1997 with the naked eye. Where did it go, and where is it hiding until it returns in 2400 years? I’m sure there are probably FE videos that can explain this, but I’m not ready to watch. Or maybe I should because their explanation will be ridiculous and I can forget I ever heard a basketball player say he thinks the earth is flat. And btw, if Trump thinks it’s flat (as some tweets suggest) then why in the H.E. double toothpicks did he just give funding to NASA for the Mars mission?

    The shape of our home also matters because it’s only the most important information we could ever know! Who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going are the central questions of our existence! We’ve all grown up trusting our teachers, parents, and leaders, who communally affirmed our mother earth is a spaceship soaring through space. To find out something this basic to our existence isn’t true can be unimaginably distressing and unsettling. So here’s my unsolicited advice to all of us: Let’s be kind to one another and remember not to criticize and divide over these issues as we research. The real enemy (if there is one) would be the liars… not those of us seeking truth.

  55. For the same reason we will never populate the stars. Any spaceship that sails for more than a few generations will never work because they’ll start a religious cult about a mythological realm called “Earth” and then turn the ship around. They might even have fancy candles and bishops too.

  56. This is just dumb. I can’t believe that people today still believe in the world being flat. There is no way on this planet that NASA is able to fool everyone. For starters there is more than American space agencies out there so why would they all collaborate?
    Anyway, in order to disprove the “flatters” just take any video that has not been produced by NASA….How about the live footage of the “Red bull felix 128k space jump”? This clearly shows the world to be a sphere and could not have been doctored as it was shot live….

  57. Ok Columbus was *NOT* then only person of his time to think the world was round. I’ve personally, myself, flown all the way wound it and using data I collected on these journeys I can tell you that it’s rounds AF. If you doubt this, just walk toward the rising (or setting) sun and don’t stop.

  58. I can believe that people believe that the earth is flat, because many people have a very shaky grasp of mechanics of any kind. In observing orbital mechanics and the interactions of liquids in vacuum it becomes very clear that everything in space is orbiting something of higher mass than itself. The only way to demonstrate the behaviour of gravity (being such a weak force) is to observe objects of significant mass.
    In doing so, the orbiting mass of one object around another causes the spherical shape of celestial bodies through repeated orbits.
    Trying to find a way to explain this to people who cannot see this process in their minds is a complete waste of time.

    • Rainbows need two separate polarizers of light to even happen in the first place. Try to make one with just mist and a light source. You need the mist, the light and a prism or something to bend the light a second time. We see rainbows as round anyways, so it would also have to be the rain, plus something very big a round.

  59. The Flat Earth Society is nonsense, it’s all about The International Flat Earth Society and The Atlantean Conspiracy

  60. Out of all the comments, AND videos about this, why has no one addressed (while we’re on this topic), if indeed the earth is flat, whats on the underside?! EVERYONE has missed this!

  61. Just goes to show the lack of trust in modern day society. Easy to understand when you realise you have been lied to about so much your entire life. Hell, even the ‘astronauts’ were proven to be taking fake pictures from Earth’s orbit in the 60’s. As for going to the moon in the first place.. NASA Astronaut Don Pettit “We Can’t Go Back To The Moon, That Technology Was Destroyed” & “The problem is, we don’t have the technology anymore..” They can’t recreate the technology of 1969? The same people who described the 69′ tech as lesser than that of a modern wrist watch. What a joke.

    Solution = Take a flat well known earther to space, or simply take a real picture. End the so called madness.

    They don’t want solutions though. They want to prolong yet another divide in society.

  62. Earth is a flat disc..on the second dimension. And that’s the only place. On the third dimension it’s a sphere…because now it can be. And upon reaching the fourth dimension we will realize it’s not a sphere. It’s (insert currently unknown 4th dimensionAL shape).

  63. No not flat earth society, rowbotham was the president of the “international flat earth research society.” Do your homework people Damn. The flat earth society is controlled opposition to make the flat earth truth, look ridiculous. No real flat weather follows or believes the flat earth society bull shit shill fest.

  64. The 2.2 KM Humber Bridge in NE England consists of two stanchions holding up the suspension chains. Both are perfectly vertical, but the distance between them is 150mm larger at the top. This is measurable.

  65. Okay, let´s for a second just say the earth is flat and we completely disregard the shipping fleets of the world that must bump into the icebarrier every day or tilt over the edge and not telling anyone.

    But…. If the earth has always been flat why then would people care if it was and why would NASA toghether with the dark forces of conspiracys have to make an enormous effort to conceal that fact, since it has ALWAYS been flat?

    Just wondering, why use that enormours effort to hide something from the people of earth if it has always been flat….

    More importantly is the fact that the italian faker Columbus are getting the vikings credits for discovering America, that the earth, flat or round are being destroyed by humans and noone seems to give a shit.

  66. 1) If the Earth was flat, we could travel to the place where the Earth and sky met. But we can’t.
    – Answer: There is no such place, because your facts are wrong. The flat earth theory (NOT the shills over at the “Flat Earth Society”) say that earth (gaia) is an infinite PLANE.

    2) If the Earth was flat, we could reach the place where we could reach out and touch the Sun. But we can’t.
    – Answer: If anything was able to actually leave the atmosphere, yes.

    3) If the Earth was flat, we could fall off the horizon. But we don’t.
    – Answer: Nope. Again disinformation by the trolls from “Flat Earth Society.

    4) If the Earth was flat, it would simply fall. But it doesn’t.
    – Answer: It wouldn’t. Again, if you imagine earth as an infinite plane, there would be no “end”.

    5) If the Earth was flat, a lunar eclipse would cast an oval shadow on the Moon’s surface. But it doesn’t.
    – Answer: In your article, you give the answer to this question yourselves: There is the theory of an invisible “anti-moon”.

    6) If the Earth was flat, the lengths of all the shadows would be identical when measured simultaneously because all rays of sunlight that strike the Earth are parallel. But they vary.
    – Answer: Wrong. If the sun were really ~93 million miles away and bigger than earth, the rays would be parallel. But the rays aren’t the least bit parallel, as you can see here:

    7) But if the Earth is not flat, why does it look flat?
    – Answer: Because. Earth. Is. Flat!

  67. And Here’s Why The Earth Can Not Be Sperical:

    1) There’s a horizon, meaning that the surface is not an infinite plane.
    – Answer: On an infinite plane the horizon would also be there, just (as it happens to be) always rise to eye-level.

    2) There’re time zones, which can only be explained if the Earth is round, and rotating around its own axis.
    – Answer: Time zones are man-made and have absolutely nothing to do with a rotating, pear-shaped ball floating through space.

    3) Ships don’t fall off the edge of the Earth.
    – Answer: Why are you mixing theories here? The consensus is that earth is an infinite plane with ice at the “border” to “who knows where”.

    4) When a full Moon occurs in the plane of Earth’s orbit, the Moon slowly moves through Earth’s shadow. Every time that shadow is seen, its edge is round. The only solid that always projects a round shadow is a sphere.
    – Answer: The theory here is that the “shadow” on the moon is actually “cast” by an anti-moon which interferes with the moon and is only partly visible when passing the moon.

    5) During the lunar eclipse the Earth blocks the Sun from the Moon casting its round shadow on the Moon’s surface.
    – Answer: Look at no. 4, “anti-moon” theory.

    6.1) Ships disappearing over the horizon and […]
    – Answer: Ever heard of a physical phenomenon called “vanishing point”? That explains it. By the way: With a digital camera with enough zoom you can “re-appear” ships that your naked eye can’t see anymore…

    6.2) […] the Pole Star shifting to a higher position in the sky suggest a curved Earth.
    – Answer: That’s because earth is a fixed plane and the sky rotates around earth. As to how “planets” are truly working: Research “sonoluminescence” or better yet, watch this closeup footage of our stars:

    7) In 2005 Steven Fosset circumnavigated the Earth. After a 76-hour and 45-minute flight, travelling 26,389.3 miles he landed in the area he took off.
    – Answer: Steven Fossett flew in a circle west-to-east (around the “center” of earth, the north pole). North-to-south or south-to-north was _NEVER_ archieved in recorded history.

    Finally: There is much disinformation spewed around on the interwebs. But if you separate truly well researched information from hogwash like “earth is a spinning disc” or “earths disc is accellerating upwards”, you might come to join our ranks…


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