The Future of Pill Free Contraception is in this World First App

Natural Cycles now boasts more than 150,000 clients in 161 nations. Clinical trials have proven that the app is a reliable contraceptive method.

contraception app

For over a year, Elina Berglund, an atomic physicist, has battled specialists and media attacks over her app –  the first on the planet to be endorsed as an effective contraceptive method.

“It feels amazingly energizing that there is presently an affirmed other option to regular pregnancy counteractive action strategies, and that it’s conceivable to supplant prescription with innovation,” says Elina Berglund, who established Natural Cycles together with Raoul Scherwizl, her husband.

Tüv Süd, a German certification association, has given their approval for the use of the proposed app under the medical classification of IIb. This implies that Natural Cycles can now offer other alternatives to the tried and tested options of conception prevention strategies, such as condoms and the contraceptive pill.

In 2015, the couple struggled to establish their new app. The Swedish Medicinal Products Agency demanded via email, that all discussions of the new contraceptive app cease immediately until they could conduct further investigations and inquiry.  They were given 10 days to comply with the request that was sent on November 25, 2015. 

As well as the demand, in the process of the Medicinal Products Agency examining Natural Cycles data submitted, the data was leaked. Following the leak, their income declined from $280,000 in October 2015 to $120,000 in December.

contraception app

At that point it felt tough. Really tough. After all, the app had been developed for birth control, Berglund said during a 2016 interview.

A media onslaught followed, trying to discredit Natural Cycles as a company endeavoring to trap women who lacked the discipline to take the traditional contraceptive pill.

A little over a year later, however, and Berglund and her husband are ready to reestablish their app post approval. Although they lost revenues in 2016 while waiting for the long anticipated outcome, Berglund is adamant theyll try to double profits in the next financial year. They intend to market the new contraceptive app in the US once the FDA approves their app. Meanwhile, theyll target the UK market instead.

Women wanting to utilize the app are required to measure the temperature underneath their tongues each morning. They then enter the result into the app to receive a calculation that will determine if they are fertile or not. The end goal is to know on the day if unprotected sex raises the risk of pregnancy.

Natural Cycles now boasts more than 150,000 clients in 161 nations. Clinical trials have proven that the app is a reliable contraceptive method.


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