The Top 4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN


A reliable virtual private network or VPN is a must for users spending hours over the Internet as it protects users from bad actors and keeps their information private, secure andĀ  encrypted.

While your VPN will slow down your connection speed, here are four reasons why it is still important to use a VPN and change your IP address.

It Can Protect You Against Cyber-Criminals

A VPN can protect you from hackers by encrypting your data that is being sent from your computer to its intended location.

When you enter a web address on your browser, your system sends a request to the router or your WiFi. The information is then sent to the Internet service provider or the ISP, which passes it down to the server holding that website and vice versa.

In order for this system to work effectively, routers and servers are given IP addresses. However, the problem arises when your IP address is known to the public, as it makes you prone to hacking. Since the data being exchanged is not encrypted, cyber-criminals can easily keep an eye on your activities.

This usually happens when you use a public WiFi i.e. a free WiFi connection in a coffee shop. Hackers can take advantage of such open connections and easily access your information. If you are using a VPN, exploiting the data becomes much harder as it masks your IP address as well as the information being exchanged.

It GivesĀ  Access to Restricted Content

Another benefit of using a VPN is that it tricks the Internet. Since a VPN connects you to the servers it has in different parts of the world [and gives you access to the content only available in that region], you can make websites believe that you are accessing them from the U.S. even when your real location is China.

You Might Get Cheap Prices Using a VPN

Many websites, especially the ones that sell air tickets, may charge you depending on your location. Moreover, many airlines change their prices if they come to know the number of times you search for the same booking.

If you use a VPN and change your location, you can check whether or not there is a price change. Plus, many airlines offer added benefits to travelers from a particular country, so changing the location gives you added advantage.

Get More Speed from Your ISP

Your local ISP collects information on your browsing habits by keeping dabs on your IP and websites you visit. Though it looks suspicious, they do it to make your online experience better. However, that doesn’t stop them from altering your Internet speed at a certain time or during business hours.

Moreover, the ISPs also limit speeds on torrent traffics and on streaming websites (such as Netflix) if they take up too much of the bandwidth. Using a VPN will remove the speed markers from the streaming services and will allow you to use the Internet to its full potential.

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