The Truth that America Doesn’t Want You to Know about War Crimes in Syria


After claiming the lives of more than a quarter of a million people; causing the biggest refugee crisis since World War II; and fueling the rise of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the civil war in Syria, which started in 2011 as a peaceful protest against President Bashar al-Assad, but later turned into an international proxy war, is today, signaling World War III. At least, that’s what the West and the mainstream media want you to believe.

However, the truth is the United States and its allies are using the “war crimes” and “crimes of historic proportions” in Syria to prolong the proxy war, overthrow Assad, and annex an independent country. Sadly, the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and other “concerned parties” (including the mainstream media), support the West in its malicious intent.


The Western Claim

“Russia and the Syrian regime owe the world more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals and medical facilities and children and women,” US Secretary of State John Kerry recently commented. Kerry begged for an investigation of the Russian and Syrian military strikes against civilians and medical facilities in Aleppo, as war crimes.

“There is clear and abundant evidence the Assad regime and the Russian government are committing crimes that include, but are not limited to, deliberate attacks on civilians, collective punishment, starvation as a tool of war, torture, murder, inhumane treatment of prisoners and the use of chemical weapons on the battlefield,” asserted The Washington Post.

“The ancient city of Aleppo, a place of millennial civility and beauty, is today a slaughterhouse — a gruesome locus of pain and fear, where the lifeless bodies of small children are trapped under streets of rubble and pregnant women deliberately bombed,” observed the UN human rights’ chief, seeking a war crimes inquiry.

The Western Evidence

1. A commission for International Justice and Accountability — a non-profit organization funded by western states including the UK, US, the EU, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Canada and Denmark — smuggled over 600,000 top-secret Syrian government documents brought to Western Europe.

An analysis of some 400 documents “linked the systematic torture and murder of tens of thousands of Syrians to a written policy approved by President Bashar al-Assad, coordinated among his security-intelligence agencies, and implemented by regime operatives.” Current status: Neither the documents nor the evidence has been made public.

2. A decorated American journalist and a former CIA officer, Adam Ciralsky wrote about the 53,275 photos that “Caesar” (a Syrian military photographer turned war crimes whistleblower, who fled the country in August 2013) took as grisly evidence of Assad’s brutality.

“The pictures, most of them taken in Syrian military hospitals, show corpses photographed at close range — one at a time as well as in small groupings. Virtually all of the bodies — thousands of them — betray signs of torture: gouged eyes; mangled genitals; bruises and dried blood from beatings; acid and electric burns; emaciation; and marks from strangulation,” Ciralsky explained. Current Status: The treasure trove, as well as the photographer “Caesar,” is hidden from the public eye.

3. In 2015, Amnesty International documented the systematic and widespread “unthinkable atrocities” war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed by Assad’s regime, in a 74-page report (including indiscriminate use of explosive weapons, arbitrary arrests, torture, and enforced disappearances). The ‘heartbreaking’ research involved merely 78 residents (mostly former) and 29 professionals working in Aleppo.

4. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights — the London-based monitoring group, often quoted as the most authoritative source of information about human rights abuse in Syria — is a tool of Western propaganda run by one man who last visited Syria in 2000 (11 years before the armed conflict began). He relies on “intelligence” allegedly gathered by around 200 “activists” who he has never met. Current Status: Whatever the SOHR claims, the mainstream media reports as truth without verifying its nature – because the SOHR does not reference any sources.

The Western Lies

Why is the angry and (nowadays) concerned world not asking the United States and the mainstream media a few pertinent questions? What is the West doing in Syria? Why is the peace-loving West prolonging the war? Why is the West backing the rebels in a foreign country? Why is the West funding and arming ISIS?

U.S. troops begin training Syrian ‘moderate rebels’ to fight ISIS

Why are the Western forces not being held accountable for war crimes like bombing a hospital? Why is the mainstream media, the NGOs and the UN not holding the West accountable for crimes committed on their own land, or in Israel, Africa or Yemen?

One reason may be because of the abundance of natural gas under Syrian soil, and that this may very well be another ‘petrodollar’ war. The US had long had its gaze set on Syria – years before the civil war and the 2011 “revolution.” Leaked WikiLeaks cables show the US ambassador to Syria (2004-2007) William Roebuck discussing a plan to remove Assad from power, in December 2006.

While the Russian and Iranian forces entered Syria on Assad’s request to fight against ISIS and armed rebels, the Western military invaded Syria — a sovereign country and United Nations member state — to violently overthrow the Syrian government.

Why didn’t the West invade Saudi Arabia to initiate “humanitarian intervention” and save innocent citizens from its brutal dictator? Saudi Arabia remains a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council and a U.S. ally, despite its poor human rights record — if attacking an independent harmless country is justified, why did the US act against Osama bin Laden?

The Western effort to annex Syria has relied on a series of crudely-spun lies and media-generated talking points. In September, RT dared to expose the top 10 Western lies about Syrian conflict that the mainstream media are trading in, to fool the Western public into backing yet another failed ‘nation-building’ project (after Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya). Obviously, the fear mongering media didn’t find it profitable to give the lies much, if any, coverage in the West.

From calling the conflict a fault of wicked Assad, and Assad a brutal dictator who enjoyed no popular support, to portraying him as an uncompromising President interested only in ‘killing his own people’ – and not in peace and reconciliation, the list is endless.  From accusing the Syrian government and Russia for helping ISIS and terming the Western interventions in Syria as humanitarian, to claiming Russia was acting out of self-interest and that the West was on the side of the ‘good guys’ in Syria, can you be certain of the ‘truth’? Realistically, the West hasn’t been fighting ‘terror’ in Syria, it has aided it.

Remember the American journalist Serena Shim, who was killed in October 2014, after she revealed the ISIS-Turkey-US link that proved the West was assisting ISIS in Syria?

The Syrian Reality

Henry Lowendorf, a member of the Executive Board of the U.S. Peace Council’s Peace and Fact-Finding Delegation to Syria – who returned from Syria in August – noted: “What we saw in Syria goes against everything we read in the United States.”

Before 2011, illiteracy in Syria had been wiped out; the life expectancy was 75.9 years and the government spent massive amounts of money on improving the nation. Developing irrigation, electricity, water and road building projects, and expanding the health services and education to rural areas, all occurred; and China invested hundreds of millions of dollars to modernize Syria’s aging oil and gas infrastructure.

Shortly after the conflict began in 2011, the Syrian government granted autonomy to Kurdish regions and transferred political authority to leftist Kurdish nationalist organizations. Unlike Saudi Arabia, in Syria, Sunnis, Christians, Alawites, Druze, Jews, and other religious groups are permitted to practice their religious faith freely.

In 2012, a new constitution — which ended the Baath Arab Socialist Party’s decades-old monopoly of political power —  was put to the Syrian people who endorsed it with an 89.42% vote. Article 8 of the new constitution states: “The political system of the state shall be based on the principle of political pluralism, and exercising power democratically through the ballot box.”

In 2014, Assad won a landslide victory in the country’s first multi-party Presidential election, which was overseen by international observers from 14 countries. An independent poll in July 2015 found that 47% of Syrians thought Assad had a positive influence on matters in Syria, compared to 35% thinking the same about the western-backed Free Syrian Army, and 26% about the Syrian Opposition Coalition.

Sputnik News reports: “The Western media portrays the Syrian forces as having blockaded the towns and using starvation as a weapon against the residents. Nothing could be further from the truth. The populations have been held hostage by the terror groups and used as human shields to prevent the Syrian army advancing to liberate those being held against their will.”

Will the US not act ruthlessly if faced by a violent insurrection by foreign-backed ‘rebels’ killing government officials and blowing up government buildings? Will the country allow terrorists to attack its sovereignty? No, right? Assad was as ruthless in 2011, as the US had been post 9/11. Did anyone invade the United States, however?

Did Assad gas his own people at Ghouta? The West is uncertain who carried out the chemical weapons attack; if you ask for proof that Assad did it, it is likely you won’t receive a reply.

Assad, in July, asked the West to help stabilize Syria by not toppling the government and by not giving any umbrella or support to the terrorists. He told the CBS News in 2015:

“This intervention in Syrian matters; I don’t care about it to be frank. I never cared about it, as long as there is public support from the Syrian people. That’s my legitimacy. The legitimacy comes from things like that, but why — I will tell you why, because the West is used to having puppets. Not independent leaders, or officials, or any other country, and that’s the problem with Putin; they demonize Putin because he can say ‘no,’ and he wants to be independent, because the West, and especially the United States, don’t accept partners.

“They only accept followers. Even Europe is not a partner of the United States. That’s to be very frank with you. So this is their problem with Syria. They need someone to keep saying ‘yes.’ A yes-man, a puppet, a marionette, and so on.”

The Common Sense

It is important to understand that not all that we read in the mainstream media about Assad is truthful, but rather similar to what we saw during the Gulf War in Iraq.  Don’t forget the US government tactics used to invade Iraq – with their weapons of mass destruction lie. Remember, no evidence was ever found proving that Iraqi troops had slaughtered infants in Kuwait by removing them from incubators — a fake story circulated by the offspring of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States, that the Bush government later utilized to annex Iraq.

It is apparent that the Western and Sunni Arabic states are mostly lying about Assad, or misleading everyone about what is happening in Syria.  But before you make a judgment, ask yourself: Is Syria a threat to the world? Who should you support: a popular government (or authoritarian if you still insist) trying to defend its nation from inside and outside invasion, or a democratic government trying to wage a war based on planted evidence to ruin a gas-rich Middle Eastern nation?



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  1. Absolute lies,and a tankies wet dream.Anonymous your shame is only matched by your genocide apologist solidarity.Every Syrian knows what you’ve written is false!

    • no one says assad is squeaky clean but the US paid and trained ISIS and Al nusrah to take out assad and commit atrocities to look like his govt has committed them so they could swoop in with another puppet govt and instability like Libya- that’s why the US has sat on its hands and said it was to hard to do anything – ISIS are their mercenaries – also backed by the saudis – another terrorist nation like the US built on oil and arms money

  2. There are horrendous war crimes in Syria, but mostly perpetrated by US backed “terrorists”. It is however strange that Western Forces are doing the exact same thing to the villages & will be doing to Aleppo to free it from a group of terrorists that were armed and financed by the US, that Assad is doing against those same forces!!!!!

    Lets be clear those “rebels” from whom ISIS split from are definitely & unequivocally financed & trained by the US via the CIA.

    You may not like Assad nor his regime, but the US had NO right to interfere and cause civil war which they are still stoking and western media are still spewing forth their state sponsored propaganda about.

    The West has no right, or need to be there.

  3. Reading his exhausted words, it almost seems Assad has realized a tad too late that along the way, somewhat, somehow, he may have ended up selling the Syrians’soul to the devil for real… but that these allegations may be true or not, more likely true considering that the past has shown to the whole world, what the yankee military IS really capable of and what it IS really NOT capable of, NOT just once, BUT several times too (…), nobody and no land should still able to be put to be destroyed or to be put to destroy, by its own gov. Simple as that.
    And today such act is only dictated out of complete fkin arrogance and hatred and mostly dictated by a bunch of dirty blooded fanatics surrounded by herds of brainwashed cherry marines and wanna bees with parfumed verbal diarrhea … so it is time to stop this shit violence. Because now one has to ask itself this…
    Who is next? And when one looks around the world, there is only one name that keeps popping up… the states is next on the list by the look of how it is propaganding on the IIIWW, and let’s not even mention the (to be read with Dr Evil voice…)… ‘alien invasion’ farce going on behind the hellary’s dirty curtains…
    This disgrace of the human race should stop bathing in black goo, drinking liquid monoatomic gold, playing with their holograms’ devices, flying saucers, kiss Lucifer’s ass, playing with alive/dead extra n not beings and with viruses.
    Isn’t that about time we open our eyes and raise our chins on the fact, and this fact can’t be more true than this, that these criminals covers barely 10% of the whole population. The remaining 90% IS ‘WE ALL’.
    So as I always say… if you have to raise a gun, raise it against who ordered you to raise it.
    Good Health, Knowledge and Peace To Us All.

  4. After having weaken a country in blocking its water, electricity and so forth supplies, to completely destroy its population and its culture, hospitals and schools get destroyed cause the more kids get killed, the lesser likely there will be any future generation strong enough to get their land back.
    Besides holding a key position on the world map, Syria possesses also a huge amount of ancient annunaki and sumerian artefact, perhaps even one of the three pieces of one of the three artificial star-gates apparently did exist thousands of years ago before the last cataclysmic flood.
    When soldiers were playing who kills more innocent iraqi civilians, a special unit went straight to specific locations to retrieve these types of artefacts and then took hold of the temple saddam had restructured and made its fortress as apparently in its undergrounds there is a piece of one of those star-gates. Also see the gulf of Aden where years ago, navy from all over the world went down there to fight ‘pirates’ as the media told the world … yeah right. Apparently a star-gate appeared above water and navy was down there ready to nuke anything that was gonna come out of there.
    So as per usual, even this war is just a useless genocide that has got nothing to do with how Assad governs its country or his relationships with its neighbours and that shit of yankee gov.
    People are still getting killed but seems nobody has and is actually doing anything. The media is covering everything up in order to stop any possible civilian intervention… but if the media doesn’t say, then the people don’t do…
    The world is truly fkd.

    • Annunaki = Nephilim, they are not aliens, but demons, the demons give technology to the world elite, that use it to make illness and trickle the tech down to normal people after about 45 years.

  5. Not me! But populists of the world must wish DT the best information candidly delivered, not blurted indiscreetly behind his back by any one-party totalitarian oligarchy with a record of clandestine oppression in the far east.

  6. Stop with the Saudi Arabian comparisons. Saudi Arabia as a country is very progressive and just to its people and others who come. With regards to it having limitations on people practising other religions, is okay. The Vatican City is exclusive. Similarly, so is Saudi Arabia. U have a problem then go to another country. The ruler isn’t a dictator. The Saudi rulers are great leaders. So just go about spreading false things and polluting people’s mind when there is no need for it.

  7. What an absolute garbage. I’m Syrian. I’ve lived in Syria my entire life. There hadn’t been any real development in the past decade, just corruption. Assad turned a peaceful uprising calling for improvement, not change, into a war by using deadly force. I have protested peacefully, and got shot at by government. I have cousins and uncles that were tortured to death in Assad prisons, and my hometown was besieged and bombed for 40 days in 2013 by the government, and after they entered they killed around 500 civilians that were hiding in the basements of their houses. In short, Assad is war criminal, everyone that helps him is a war criminal, and many Syrians believe that the U.S. is the reason why he still in power mainly because they banned anyone from supporting the repels with anti-aircraft weapons, even though 95% of all the crimes happened by Syrian and Russian Jets.


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