The Vatican’s Dirtiest, Darkest Top 5 Secrets

Nazism, blood money, murder, population control, the Vatican Bank is now regarded as an institution full of blood money - but just how dark are the secrets hidden from view?

Vatican bank

The Vatican Bank, simply by existing, threw the Holy Bible out of the window with the baby and the bath water. By founding the Vatican Bank in 1942 and charging interest on loans, Christian values were broken, secular laws ignored and many people suffered.

It started when the Vatican Bank partnered with Italy’s fascist dictator Mussolini; recognizing the regime, the people blindly followed the Vatican and Mussolini in joining forces with Hitler during World War Two. What came next was the ultimate sin…

1. The Vatican Bank Hid Nazi Gold

Vatican bank

Thanks to the Nazis, many suffered at the hands of the brutal regime. In particular, were the Jews and Roma. Some 750,000 were executed in a mass slaughter in Croatia after fascists take control in April 1941. The then Ustaše pillaged and looted the belongings of the dead, hoarding millions worth in gold teeth, gems and jewellery. The staggering sum was said to be between $80 to $90 million.

The newly created Vatican Bank acted for the Nazis, storing the looted gold bars and jewellery of the dead. Holocaust survivors attempted to sue the Vatican in 1999, but failed because of the sovereignty of the Holy See that gave immunity to all prosecution.

2. The Vatican-Mafia Connection

The Devil’s work didn’t stop at the end of World War Two. It continued. In 1957, a plan was hatched to launder money for the US and Italian mafias. Again, the Vatican Bank was a central figure that picked up a 15 percent commission for their troubles.

Michele Sindona, the Italian lawyer who transferred the blood money into the Vatican Bank later was made a financial advisor by Pope Paul VI himself. Soon, both became very rich.

3. The Masons and the Vatican

Vatican bank
Allegedly printed in the Italian press at the time, secret rites taking place in the P-2 Lodge.

Although being a member of a masonic lodge meant being excommunicated, it didn’t stop 121 church representatives from joining. Not surprisingly, the members were all officials of the Vatican Bank and were closely associated to Propaganda Due (P2).

P2, uncovered during an investigation into Sedona, held a 1,000-strong high-ranking political membership, which also included not only Vatican officials but CIA, mafia, and future Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi. Their goal: achievement of an authoritarian state.

After P2 was exposed to the public in 1981, public uproar followed – that a secret society planned to rule over them.

4. The Murder of Pope John Paul I

Vatican bank

The shortest serving Pope in the history of the Vatican, Pope John Paul I died only 33 days into his office.

Circumstances are still questionable as a post-mortem never took place. What we do know is that Pope John Paul I died hours after firing Jean-Marie Villot, the Cardinal Secretary of State, for being a member of P2.

It was also known how Pope John Paul I was vehemently opposed to the Vatican Bank.

5. Blood Money is God’s Money

Giorgio Ambrosoli died of several gunshot wounds just outside his Milan home. It’s 1979, and Ambrosoli was working as an appointed liquidator of one of Sindona’s banks. He was about to reveal his findings of the Vatican Bank’s money laundering network with the mafia when he was gunned down.

Although the Vatican Bank is under close scrutiny these days, there are no instances of prosecution for any wrong doing. Only in 2016, over 190 financial transactions were flagged as suspicious with four of them totalling in over $2 million. In the last 2 years, accounts frozen for suspicious activities have amounted to over $21.5 million.

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  1. Please allow me to overstate the obvious.
    The Vatican Bank is a Rothschild Central Bank. (Khazars) Many took up Catholicism.
    (see Borgias)
    All in this article is true. I think the “ducks” are not all in a row however. Or in necessary detail for the full understanding of certain elements, and as a bigger picture. The Jewish thing. There really a certain genocide practiced on Jews. By other Jews mainly.
    (Khazar Zionists, vs Original Israelite Jews)
    A more whacked out, and twisted, insanity I’ve encountered. But just a component of a bigger batshit crazy picture that’s all the article more inflated, and convoluted. Covering centuries, the whole globe. Or, equiv., for the “flat earth” crowd.

  2. The start of their bank is very particular, in Croatia I thought it was more like a million people, Musolini didn’t live long, I didn’t think they luted holocust many people looted their war, I know they did hold nazi gold a few people did hate their gold, their were CIA people in their association but Italy ‘never forever’ excluded their mafia, I think pope John Paul 1st died of natural causes, Giorgio Ambroselli killed his own brother? I never knew he knew mafia maybe you can draw a new comic book…..

  3. The start of their bank is very particular, in Croatia I thought it was more like a million people that where killed, Mussolini didn’t live long, I didn’t think they luted holocust victims many people luted their own kind towards the end of the war, I know they did hold nazi gold a few Catholic church people did hate that gold, there were CIA people who tried to join their mafia or those few who dealt with such people, some Italians did exclude the mafia from the church organization , I’ll never let you know the hooded people I don’t consider them masons neither, I think pope John Paul 1st died of natural causes, Giorgio Ambroselli is linked to his own brother? I never knew he knew mafia… I never knew you knew their comic book??


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