This Couple’s Photoshoot Is Going Viral For The Best Possible Reason


(Truth Theory) Messages of body positivity may be pervading mainstream society, but many women and men are still made to feel as if their physical forms are inadequate. It is likely because of this that a recent boudoir photoshoot of an unconventional couple recently went viral after being posted to Facebook by Wolf & Rose Photography.

Stephanie and Arryn, a young couple from Texas, are friends with the photographers behind Wolf & Rose Photography and agreed to the photoshoot when they saw an open call for “everyday” models. Little did they know their steamy pics would inspire millions…

The photoshoot turned out to be a real confidence-booster for Stephanie. “I honestly have never felt more attractive,” she told HuffPost. “I was so nervous to see the final result. I didn’t know what to expect. But when I saw the album, I was shocked. I look so in love and confident. Every person should be able to see themselves in that light. It is really eye-opening.”

Ordinarily, curvier women such as her are made to feel bad about exposing their bodies. This is because stretch marks and love handles are not deemed “attractive” qualities by mainstream culture. However, Stephanie loves her body and so does Arryn. Aware of this, Stephanie used the photoshoot as an opportunity to spread an important message about body positivity — something she has struggled with all of her life.

“I remember being in junior high and looking at myself in the mirror, wondering why my stomach wasn’t the way it was ‘supposed’ to be,” said Stephanie. “Over the years, I’ve come to accept that I am always going to be considered plus-size. I push myself out of my comfort zone by wearing clothes that I love but aren’t in society’s mold of what is acceptable for bigger women, like crop tops, tight shirts, shorter dresses and shorts. I walk around with my head high, smiling, and show no shame in myself.”

The photoshoot also boosted her and Arryn’s level of intimacy. Said Stephanie, “Neither of us could stop smiling during and after our session. We both were surprised by how close it made us feel. You don’t realize how vulnerable you are until you’re half-naked in a lake with a camera pointed at you and your man.”

During the photoshoot, was also reminded of his unwavering love and acceptance.

“Throughout our relationship, there has never been a time when he made me feel self-conscious about any part of myself. To him, it doesn’t matter if I have not washed my hair for a week or shaved my legs in over a month,” she said. “He loves me for who I am, and for who I make him want to become. He has always told me that he doesn’t care how I look, that I’m beautiful regardless.”

One of the most remarkable outcomes of their boudoir photoshoot was inspiring so many people. The couple intends to be married in February 2019 and has been blown away by the amount of support their photos garnered from people around the world. “We have been able to inspire society to believe that who they are and what they look like is enough to be truly loved,” Stephanie said.

Following are photos from the sultry shoot:



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