This Iceberg-Shaped Floating Skyscraper Purifies The Air And Reverses Climate Change


(True Activist) The futuristic “Heal-Berg” skyscraper could be the next generation of sustainable building. The design for a iceberg-shaped floating skyscraper will heal the planet by zapping carbon dioxide and transforming it into fresh air. Created by Luca Beltrame from Italy and Saba Nabavi Tafreshi from Iran, the promising design earned an honorable mention in Evolo’s 2017 Skyscraper Competition.

The inventors wrote in their submission: “Our vision for HEAL-BERG is to create independent complexes (in terms of energy and mobility), designed to cease, heal and reverse the process of climate change and its impacts on the earth. We went on a mission to collect some of the most recent innovative technology breakthroughs from all around the world, and combine them as elements of a greater embodiment operating as a whole to achieve a goal, survival.” 

The structure, proposed to be unveiled in Antarctica in 2022, will function based on four concepts: purification, energy generation, innovative materials, and drone mobility. Purification will be performed using lasers developed at the University of California that zap carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen.

Energy will be generated through salient gradient (osmotic) power from salt water, as well as capturing power from wind using built-in turbines. Heal-Berg will be constructed with graphene, an extremely lightweight material, 200 times stronger than steel. Heal-Berg will be more than just an energy producing, air purifying machine. The floating structure will even have residential units, along with drones for transportation.

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  1. That sounds closely related to another project, maybe if they took this technology they could make a viable terraformer for mars. Since this thing can create air, can and is it capable of creating an atmosphere too?


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