This New Motorhome Is Powered Entirely By Solar Panels


(Truth Theory) A new vehicle has just been unveiled which is sure to tick stylish design, environmentally friendly and ease of use off the dream checklist. The new electric motorhome has been designed by German RV company Dethleffs, and is covered in solar panels, meaning that the worry of finding a charging station is taken off your mind whilst embarking on those exciting road trips.

In the modern day rise of electric vehicles, together with our increased knowledge of pollution and the overuse of fossil fuels, this vehicle is the perfect innovation that explorers of the open road have been waiting for. The new “e.home” has been on display at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2017, meaning that the unveiling of the new vehicle came around the same time as the Volkswagen’s Kombi van announcement.

In order to provide the new vehicle with enough power to supply to all of its elements in the most efficient way, Dethleffs have covered almost the entire e.home in solar panels, which can make up to 3,000 watts of electricity. It also includes “solar charge controllers, an inverter/charger for AC electricity and to charge the lithium batteries, ancillaries, and a DC-DC converter to supply charge stations for phones, laptops” and other electrical items, according to recent reports.

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