This Video Provides Compelling Reasons As To Why We Are All Addicts


(Truth Theory) Society has characterized addicts as people who are battling substance abuse, a gambler who doesn’t know when to stop betting or a father who frequents strip clubs and meets women in hotels while his family wonders why he is never home. Addiction has been categorized in a sentimental way and this lets most of us off the hook. However, this video highlights that many of us have overlooked a simple fact – that we may be addicts ourselves.

The truth is that each of us possess the same attributes that fuel alcoholic binges or marital infidelity. We all have an addictive pursuit. Whether we are scrolling through news feeds 24/7, indulging in reckless over-consumption or bridled with desire, we are addicts. We preoccupy ourselves with work and other distractions. This allows us to to ignore thoughts that we don’t want to entertain and suppress feelings were desperate not to feel. Could you sit in a room without external stimuli and allow yourself to feel pain, desire, regret and excitement?

“Addiction is the manic reliance on something, anything, in order to keep our dark or unsettling thoughts at bay. What properly indicates addiction is not what someone is addicted to, for we can get addicted to pretty much anything. It is the motives behind their reliance on it, and in particular the desire to avoid encountering the contents of their own mind.” – The School of Life.

This video reveals our own ties to addiction and suggests that we have more in common with traditional addicts than we think. When we come face to face with an addict, we are not meeting anything foreign, just a part of ourselves in a less respectable form. If we look at traditional addicts in this way, we will be able to help them, as well as ourselves.

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