To Stamp Out Islam, China Forces Muslims to Eat During Ramadan

This is part of the draconian measures to crack down on religious expression.


Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Observed by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad, Ramadan is sacred and is marked by piety and sacrifice.

For 30 days, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sex, from dawn to dusk. They pray, they donate to charity, and they practice self-reflection. The end of Ramadan is celebrated with a three-day festival – Eid al-Fitr, one of Islam’s major holidays.

When more than 1 billion Muslims – Islam is the world’s second largest religion – across the world fast, pray and love, can their religious celebration be a threat to social peace and harmony?

China, an atheist-come-hide-under-the secular banner nation, thinks so.

According to a recently issued notice titled “2017 Work Conclusion on the Stability Maintenance of Xinjiang during the Ramadan Period,” the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Aksu has adopted several “stability maintenance” measures to “ensure social peace and harmony” during the holy month of Ramadan (to be observed from May 26 to June 24).

As per a World Uyghur Congress report, restaurants have been ordered to stay open as part of the directive, suggesting efforts to undermine the Muslim tradition of fasting:

 “The bureau, which regulates business and alcohol licenses for restaurants, will strengthen leadership, control, and inspection in the county, and widen the scope of propaganda to focus on prevention

“Additionally, the bureau plans to strictly enforce leading cadres on duty, have cadres stand on 24-hour uninterrupted guard, ensure the rotation of guards, check the bags, and question and register all visitors.

“Temporary evening security checkpoints will be set up to ensure that all vehicles, individuals, and suspicious things are inspected and recorded.”

The authorities are also forcing Communist Party activists in Baicheng County to do marathon shifts in public buildings in the Xinjiang province of northwest China – a predominantly Muslim Uyghur community with 8 million residents – making fasting all but impossible.

Meanwhile, students in Hotan County are asked to gather on Fridays to “collectively study, watch red [communist propaganda] films, and conduct sports activities in a way to enrich their social life during the summer vacation.”

A Chinese official from the Zawa Township, speaking on condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying:

“Teachers, public servants and employees in the service sector are not allowed to fast during Ramadan. It is strictly prohibited and if they are found fasting during this period, they will be dealt with.”

Is China inadvertently punishing 8 million pious Muslims in a collective push against radical Islam?

Well, it appears the Chinese government is intentionally demonizing and suppressing ethnically distinct Uyghur Muslims. Xinjiang borders several Muslim-majority countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, where ISIS, Taliban, and Al-Qaeda have strongholds. It is rumored these terrorist groups have recruited thousands of Uyghur Muslims to fight their war of extremism.

But as The Independent reports, Uyghur Muslims have suffered years of repression as Communist China has tried for decades to wipe out religious expression and replace religious observance with allegiance to the Communist party.

“In March, China banned burqas and “abnormal” beards, and a month later banned Islamic baby names.  Earlier this month, it was revealed that police in the region had purchased $8.7m (£6.7m) worth of equipment to analyze DNA from its citizens. Last year, Uyghurs reported that officials were asking for DNA samples, fingerprints and voice records when they applied for a passport or to go abroad.”

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  1. “When more than 1 billion Muslims across the world fast, pray and love, can their religious celebration be a threat to social peace and harmony?” Lets look at the past few weeks and the amount of attacks happened, I’d say their religion poses a big threat to social peace and harmony, at least in the west.

    • It’s wondrous why you all attack the religion but not even one single word about the man who did this, it’s like no one cares who did this or that, there is and explosion , if he is not a muslim, oh wait more pills, if he is a muslim, more bombs please…if it’s the government, wait… wait… I promise I will find it, more money and votes and war and killing, yay!

    • As with any book if you read a few sentences n leave our the beginning n end of that sentence you can twist it….. The Bible can also b read put of contexted……. Out of a billion Muslims there’s very small percentage that are extremist as u say…… There extremists in every religion….. China is actually showing their extremism politically.. If you don’t believe as they believe u should suffer….. Ppl aren’t robots…They are making excuses to suppress Muslims…… You can’t punish a whole religion n the ppl practicing it because Afew bad muslims……..

  2. Should we take our moral attitude from someone like you? you read a few articles made by some brainwashed haters and you just started croaking like them, communism has fallen, Islam did not and will not, if you have any shred of knowledge you would know that killing was meant for a very specific kind of felonies such us 1st degree murder, or unfaithfulness, and war is no different, the reason god asked Muslims to kill these infidels is because they were mostly from the same tribe, and Muslims didn’t wanna kill them, rather wanted to reason with them, but the infidels were a bunch of power hungry bureaucrat, who obviously couldn’t be reasoned with, and even after signing a peace treaty proposed by Muslims! they violated the treaty and guess the rest … Islam and communism are nothing alike, you maybe right about communism but Islam aims to help people know their maker, their god, their creator, and if that’s true then you’re already a slave or as god described it a “servant”, and I’m very proud of that myself, speak for yourself next time.

    • That’s what they believe was right, not what they were told to do, if that’s your problem then we agree, your issue is with the people not with the religion itself! I don’t blame the christian or Hindu or whatever religion, I blame the person who did wrong, unless your issue is with the Quran in which case you need to separate both of them unfortunately, either we talk about the wrongdoing of a faction that claim Islam, or we talk about the religion, not all of them are following Islam to the letter!

    • I think you need to work on your vocabulary, it’s clear to me that you’re just here to troll and make fun of others pain, but still I wanted to give you a chance to express yourself, I can see how did that go, first Islam is the religion and Muslims are the people that follow that religion, so whatever you said up there somehow doesn’t make any sense, the prophet Muhammad is not a pedophile and never treated his wife wrongly, ever! If you think that the people that pretend to be Muslim will separate themselves from it then please give them a reason to do so, as I can’t go to someone and ask him to convert to another religion, It kinda makes me look like an asshole.

  3. It’s unbelievable that people will reply in an article explaining the suffering of a community with just more hatred… where are the word of kindness and support for those who are oppressed ? Or is compassion only reserved for those you approved? But then, aren’t all human life equal and sacred? Some people claim to fight for peace but the only weapon they seems to be using is hatred… what is it exactly that they believe they will achieve with it ? just more war, pain and suffering…

    I at least know that, no matter how much hatred any of you spread against myself or my religion, if one day you were to need help, I would open my door to you and help you with all my strength, because this is what my religion teach me, help those in need and let the judging part for God because He is the only judge of all things. fill your heart with love and compassion and don’t let sheitan corrupt it. If only people knew, if only they took the time to educate themselve proprely rather than just read some hateful article written on the internet then they would know surely that islam is the religion of peace.

    For every good I do, islam is to be praised, and for every bad I do, me and me alone is to be blamed…

    I truely hope that people will take the time to educate themselves proprely, because by letting random person article fill your heart with hatred toward a whole community, you are only harming yourself, that’s the sad part of it all…


  4. Do Christians forget about the abortion clinic bombings? Yes
    Do they like to forget that the KKK believes in Jesus too? Yes
    Do they also like to forget that the Arian Nation spouts God and Country as well? Yes

    Christianity has its nut jobs too. Face truth buddy. Islam is not the only religion to have extremists.


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