Twitter not Supporting Muslim Registry

When asking tech-based companies if they will support and assist with the creation of Trump's Muslim registry, only one company replied with an emphatic 'no.'

muslim registry

Since the presidential election, corporations of both large and small sizes from all over America are questioning themselves about whether to aid Trump or resist. This question appears to be more prevalent within the American technology-based companies, more than anything.

The Intercept had reached out to a total of 9 different organizations that revolved around technology, from Facebook, to as small as Booz Allen Hamilton. The Intercept asked each company if they will render services in order to help create a national Muslim registry — the resurfaced concept brought to the political tables by Trump’s transition team. And out of the companies that had been asked this question, Twitter was the only one that said no.

Listed below are the responses of some of these companies.

Facebook: No answer.

Twitter: “No,” as company policy a prohibition against the use, by outside developers, of “Twitter data for surveillance purposes. Period.”

Microsoft: “We’re not going to talk about hypotheticals at this point,” and a link to a company blog post that states that “we’re committed to promoting not just diversity among all the men and women who work here, but … inclusive culture” and that “it will remain important for those in government and the tech sector to continue to work together to strike a balance that protects privacy and public safety in what remains a dangerous time.”

Google: No answer.

Apple: No answer.

IBM: No answer.

Booz Allen Hamilton: Declined to comment.

SRA International: No answer.

CGI: No answer.”

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