The U.S. Places Bounties On The Heads of Hackers


Ten months ago, Evgeniy Bogachev a Russian hacker, was indicted in Pittsburg, PA. on multiple federal charges relating to cyber criminal activity. However, his current whereabouts are entirely unknown to the Department of Justice.

To aid with their efforts to bring the ‘cyber criminal’ to justice, the DOJ have placed a sizable bounty on the hacker’s head. A whopping $3 million dollars is being offered by the U.S government to anyone with information that leads to the apprehension of the 31-year-old Russian hacker.

Since then, Bogachev’s photo has been seen all over the world… printed onto FBI ‘Wanted’ posters.

This is the first known case that a bounty has been offered on a cyber criminal, “We’ve really not done something like this” in cyber cases, said Robert Anderson, an FBI executive assistant director. “All of a sudden, somebody’s putting an ‘X’ on somebody, saying, `Bring him to justice, you get $3 million.’”.

International smugglers, wildlife traffickers and many other fugitives have been brought to justice under the 2-year-old State Department program, which has so far paid over $20 million dollars for the locations of wanted criminals.

“Time will tell whether this is a successful tactic or not,” said Shawn Henry, a retired executive assistant director of the FBI and president of CrowdStrike Services, a security technology company. “It’s a strategy, and it’s certainly not the sole strategy.”

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  1. If he really did some terrible shit that’s worthy of jail time… we wouldn’t have to be bribed to bring him in. Think about it – this isn’t the wild west. Bank fraud? Dude kicked the wasp hive. Good thing I don’t like wasps.

    • So agree …. He’s Russian u really think his ass is gonna stay in the states if he’s smart enough to hack computers that bad to where the U.S. Government is after him u really think he’s gonna stay here really our government is retarded!!!!

  2. If he is wanted he ain’t gonna stay in the usa he’s gonna travel what sort of fbi team is this of Couse he ain’t gonna stay in the usa you guys need to travel and find him around the world or look at CCTV duhhh!!!

  3. this is not going to work for atleast a decade. a bounty requires you to bring in the said criminal in order to collect the bounty. bouty hunters do not know how to locate a hacker like this, and the people who may know dont know how to physically catch a person like him. unless computer nerds know how to catch him it will be of none effect or unless bounty hunters become computer nerds


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