The Ultimate Guide to Staying Anonymous


We live in a world where privacy is just another word to the government. Since the day Edward Snowden showed what they are capable of we have worried about protecting our rights and privacy.

Everyone has the right to privacy. Below are ways to build a wall between yourself, the government and hackers.

Decentralising Networks

The software mentioned below will help remove your internet footprint:

Freenet:  Anonymously shares files and gives users options.

GNUnet: Decentralized peer-to-peer network builder.

TOR: Helps users defend against traffic analysis, government surveillance and provides deep web access.

I2P: An anonymous network with options.

PeerBlock: Blocks all unwanted connections wanting to access your system

Encrypting Disks

This technology allows users to make their data unreadable.

DiskCryptor: Open source software that encrypts PC disk partitions.

EncFS: Encrypts data systems, providing users with permissions such as FUSE library.

Domain Name Servers

The internet ‘phone book directory’ contains domain names translated into Internet Protocol addresses.

Namecoin: This provides users with a decentralised and secure DNS infrastructure using Bitcoin technology.

Electronic Mail and Encrypted Communications

ProtonMail: Developed by scientists working at CERN, the company provides email services, both paid and free for users.

RetroShare: This software provides users with sharing files options, chat, email and video call in an encrypted environment.

Gpg4win: This software allows the encryption of emails using regular services.

File Storage & Synchronization

Git Annex: Manages files without allowing the system to check the contents of the files.

Hubzilla: All in one platform allowing users to create anonymous interconnected file sharing and storage systems, and a decentralised communications platform.

Sparkle Share: This software provides users with cloud storage options and services.


Staying away from centralised and corrupt systems.

Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic currency with no central body.

Litecoin: Built from a similar concept as Bitcoin.


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