The United States Confirms Russia Hacked the French Elections

The French elections were hacked by the Russians, a majority of the information leaked and published online was fake. The leaked data consisted of Macron’s email accounts and the email accounts of his campaign managers.

french elections

Officials from the cybersecurity unit of the United States informed members of the French government that their elections were being hacked by the Russians – this information was provided to the French government before it was made public.

According to the French election campaign commission, a majority of the information leaked and published online was fake. The election commission further stated that the government’s cyber security department is looking into these serious matters.

french elections
Patrick Pailloux with ANSSI during dating Journées Réseaux 2013 in Montpellier.

The French government official who described this breach as very serious, stated that information was published hours before the final Sunday vote for the presidential runoff between the two French finalists. The election commission said the leaked data consisted of Macron’s email accounts and also from the email accounts of his campaign managers.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, the 17th Director of the National Security Agency, stated that the agency was aware of the information being hacked by the Russians, to which they offered help to the French government.

french elections
Rogers speaking to a group of sailors at the Center for Information Dominance in January 2012.

“Here is what we have seen,” said Admiral Mike S. Rogers in front of the Senate of Armed Services Committee.  “What can we do to try to assist?”

However, France’s Agence Nationale de la Securite des Systemes d’information, which literally translates to National Agency for Information Systems Security, chose not to comment on Roger’s official statement.

With that stated, France’s National Agency for Information Systems Security released to the press that the agency was helping Paris’ Police Information Technology Fraud Division.

french elections
Secretariat-General for National Defence and Security located at Hôtel des Invalides in France.

Furthermore, the head of the NSA stated that the United States is improving its detailed cyber policy to deal with similar future events. He said that even though the United States is improving itself in the world of cyber security, he fears they are not advancing fast enough.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers stated that America will take tough action against those countries undermining its cyber security and the American democracy. He highlighted the fact that such organizations should be brought to justice and that they should pay a high price for their interference.

Source: The Associated Press

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