Police Officer Kills 19-Year-Old Girl For Failing To Obey His Instructions [VIDEO]


In Kentucky, in the month of April of 2014, a police officer recklessly and brutally killed Samantha Ramsey, in an incident that was far from necessitating the use of a gun.

The officer was later identified as Tyler Brockman, a deputy at the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.

To justify the murder, Brockman said he was trying to stop Samantha from putting him and others in danger, as she was driving recklessly. Samantha had gone to a party and was returning home with her friends when the officer shot several times through the windshield of her car, killing her.

“The shots were fired not only to save his life but also the pedestrians walking on the road and the officers currently just down the road initiating other arrests,” Brockman wrote about himself in the post-shooting report.

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But a video, which appears to be that of a dashboard camera video, released to the Cincinnati-based WLWT, contradicted what Brockman said. The video showed Brockman approaching the car as Samantha makes her way out. As the officer tried to stop the car, Samantha showed no sign of stopping and Brockman pulled his gun and sprayed the windshield with bullets, killing Samantha.

While the shooting occurred off-camera and the video doesn’t include audio, the hysterical reactions of friends nearby are clearly displayed. Friends can be seen throwing their arms in the air multiple times. The person on the right side of the screen, as well, can be seen rocking back and forth, unable to calm down due to the killing of his friend.

Gunnar Buemi, who was with Samantha when the incident occurred, told WLWT in an interview during Samantha’s candlelight vigil that the officer deliberately murdered his friend, and that there is no way the shooting can be justified as Samantha never posed any sort of danger to the officer.

“Justice needs to be done about this injustice. We’re all sitting here lighting candles, being quiet when the government is out here shooting. Any other human would have been put in jail for that. He needs to answer for what he did to that family,” he said.

Another friend, Chelsea Pendleton, was quoted by the Cincinnati Enquirer as saying that, “The cop was in the wrong… I was there. I was in the back seat. That was unnecessary force. He had no right to do that. That was dead body weight on the gas pedal after she was shot.”

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Samantha’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against the Boone County Sheriff’s Office for improper training and failure to adequately supervise Deputy Brockman. According to the family, Brockman passed his weapons qualification two months before the shooting that killed Ramsey.

As we speak now, Brockman is said to be on leave. He has not been properly questioned nor placed under official investigation. He walks as a free man while family, friends and sympathizers of Samantha still grieve in their hearts for their huge loss of their beloved.

Activists say they hope that the family gets something good out of the lawsuit, although nothing can really compensate them for their loss. But according to activists, at least, Brockman should face the law, so that it will serve as a deterrent to other reckless officers engaged in the killing of innocent citizens.






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    • The increase in police shootings/brutality/etc. is the direct result of the new emphasis in their training. Police acadamies spend more than TEN TIMES the number of hours responding with force to threats as they do resolving and de-escalating conflicts. As they’re very unlikely to ever face charges for their actions and can count on fellow officers to support the cop’s version of the events, they’ve become emboldened and will shoot first and ask questions later. They’ve come to believe their life is more valuable than yours. Until there’s a change in training and attitudes, expect more of the same. (Hiring combat veterans isn’t helping the situation, either)


  2. The problem is bigger than we think, it involves the law that enforce the police officer to shot someone if he feels that he is in danger, instead of teaching the guy to avoid confrontations and calm people with professional maneuvers like other countries.

    But, that law is a representation of the foundations of americans has a violent society. The belief thar a gun is the solution to protection, that the attack is better than defense. Shameless

  3. “uhhh, i need to protect pedestrians from this reckless driving…..better shoot the driver of the car whilst its still driving.” American cop logic

  4. I do NOT support death-penalty, nor do I justify revenge-killings, but if nothing is done with authorities using their power reclessly to undermine the people you’re gonna have a war at your porch in no time.
    The north vs. The south? Oh no, it will be a war between those demanding power and anonymity and those they should have been serving.
    I mean, your government is fracking, genetacly modifying, murdering, stealing, lying AND YOU ARE FINE WITH IT????

  5. We’re still on this shit? Jesus christ. Anything for attention. She was a horrible person. She bullied me all throughout school because I dressed in all black. She did hard drugs and had multiple duis.

  6. Someone should have bum rushed that sicko an stompped his head into the ground . It would have been to protect the rest of the people from the danger of this asshole. Hope someone finds him an causes great torture to him .

  7. white woman gets murdered by police and almost goes unnoticed. a black man gets murdered by police, and an entire city riots. Why? More and more stories like these are becoming the norm. Something needs to change. Police in this country are a joke. Nothing but gangs with a badge which entitles them to make up the law as they deem fit? When was the last time a cop actually protected and served the people? How is it that we just sit back and do nothing knowing the injustices we are witnessing as a society? I know what it’s like to know someone who was murdered by police. It’s time our voice is heard about these brutal crimes. These cops need to be held accountable just like criminals are. We are anonymous.

  8. There are people here saying that the victim was a “horrible person” and a drug user. I’m wondering when these “crimes” became capital offenses, and when we granted the police the right to become executioners?

  9. I believe this is the story of the 19-year-old woman who had been drinking at the party and was intoxicated when she began to drive. The officer tried to stop her, she hit the officer with her car & continued driving recklessly, while intoxicated, away from the scene despite the officer warning her to stop. After having been hit by a car, which is considered a deadly weapon, I believe a cop has a right to use deadly force to stop the assailant from continuing to wield the deadly weapon lest someone else be injured or killed. You may want to check facts before posting the story, or at least get both sides of the story, so as to one-up the MSM and do a truly unbiased report.

  10. So what, she was who she was, if that was a member of my family I’d hunt that fucking piece of shit down and put that fucking cunt through so much torture before I kill him. More dirty cops should be killed. Blood for blood. People who have inoperable diseases and not far from dying should execute dirty cops. It’s not as though you’ll do many years in prison. I know I’m going to kill a dirty cop who is on the take before I die. And this fucker wants to hope I never get cancer. I’ll kill his cop wife also, she’s just as bent as he is. Scum vermin cops need to die.

  11. When you see trolls posting comments like these — that a young woman brutally murdered “won’t be missed” or “wouldn’t of [sic] amounted to anything” — you may be sure that they are psychopaths.

    If we really want to improve our society and put an end to senseless deaths like Samantha Ramsey’s, we should consider identifying these “people” and neutralizing them. Because as long as they’re around and polluting humanity with their moral poison, they enable incidents like this to go uninvestigated and unpunished.

  12. The fact that there easily could have been even more death ie inocent children in back of car or passenger side of vehicle while an idiot was repeatedly firing indiscriminately into it while the vehicle was advancing forward and while all passengers were innocently unarmed and while this guy stays paid go about his daily life with not a care in the world is baffling to me

  13. this is all fucked up yes the cop doe’s NEED PUNISHMENT, even though he’s on leave and has not been given a full report on the case, his life will be not in hell because satan don’t like idiots like him, but as they say his shit will happen


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