VIDEO: North Korean Soldier Makes Mad Dash For Freedom As He Is Shot Several Times


The United Nations has released shocking footage which appears to depict a North Korean soldier, identified as “Oh”, fleeing from his former “colleagues”, as he defected to the South earlier this month.

In the video, he is seen driving a jeep at high speed towards the border. He plows his vehicle into a ditch just a few feet away from the white demarcation line separating North from South… and freedom. After failing to free the jeep, he decides to make a mad dash for the border on foot.

He was shot at least 5 times and was dragged to safety by South Korean soldiers. One North Korean border guard actually got a bit too caught up in the opportunity to murder his brother at arms and stepped across the demarcation line in order to get a better shot, violating the part of the 1953 armistice agreement which states that “neither side shall execute any hostile act within, from, or against the demilitarized zone.

No person, military or civilian, shall be permitted to cross the military demarcation line unless specifically authorized to do so by the Military Armistice Commission.” Technically the armistice only paused the conflict; North and South Korea are still officially in a state of war.

After his rescue, Oh was immediately transported to Ajou Hospital in Suwon, and returned to consciousness after two emergency surgeries. According to his surgeon, he lost more than 50% of his blood by the time he arrived at the hospital; however, this weekend he might be well enough to be released from the intensive care unit.

His first words were reportedly “Is this actually South Korea?”, which led the medical staff to hang the South Korean flag in his hospital room to assuage his fears.

Oh claims to have worked in the North Korean military for 8 years, sometimes driving vehicles for the regime. This might explain his procurement of the jeep, and his liking for the “Transporter 3” which he apparently watched while recovering.

Oh apparently particularly enjoyed watching CSI and listening to KPop. As with his surgeries, his indoctrination with alternative propaganda appears to have also been a smashing success. It is unknown if he will be appearing in the “Transporter 4: Running Out Of Ideas”.

Sources: ABC News, CNN,  ZeroHedge

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