Weather Is Being Engineered In The Gulf – Evidence That Is Hard To Deny


(The Last American Vagabond) In the past, we have shown you not only that geoengineering is very real, but that it is being used in real world situations on a regular basis, with zero oversight. We have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that much of the current governmental body in the U.S. has very little concern for the well-being and quality of life of the average individual, despite that being their very charge.

Today, Americans are witnessing an unprecedented surge of weather just at a moment when the political pyres are burning brightest and those in power have the most to lose, or the most to gain.

It is no question that the American psyche has never been more weighed down by the current onslaught of manipulations and heavy-handed deceptions that are now being all but openly perpetrated by those who are beginning to make their presence known: The Deep State. Never before have actual real-world problems been more overlooked and outright ignored in lieu of emotional and wholly orchestrated tangential problems that are, in and of themselves, back-handedly counterintuitive.

Which is why such a blatant manipulation can be carried out right in front of our eyes while most are too distracted, vehemently arguing about Donald Trump or the true meaning of race or gender, and viciously  defending those opinions as indisputable fact (thanks to the likes of CNN). Absurdly, we are being led like marionettes to argue about some of the least important issues facing Americans today, and those most rooted in feeling, over fact.

In the video below you will see indisputable evidence that, at the very least, Hurricane Harvey was fed from different land points in order to intensify the storm. We can speculate as to why, but the how is made very clear. One obvious possibility is to distract from the growing awareness around the US’ current path of destruction in the Middle East, and its overwhelming civilian body count. Another is to create the justification and context to support the narrative that these storms are caused by climate change or global warming, or the broad and general actions of the oil industry at large.

This isn’t to suggest that humanity’s actions are not taking their toll on the planet, anyone with eyes can see those effects, but the topic of “climate change” stems from a disingenuous place. The idea, as it stands, is deeply rooted in long-term political agendas designed to bring about massive shifts in both economic and societal norms, think “carbon tax,” and is a highly politicized discussion that is next to impossible to rationally debate; much like many of the hot-button topics of today, and that is no coincidence.

Make no mistake, there is a reason for all of it. There is a reason that this country is more divided nowthan at most any other time in history.

Thanks to the brave work of WeatherWars101, as well as many others, the reality of the current destruction, and those truly responsible, becomes painfully clear. Even to the laymen, what you will see in the video below is very hard to deny and will make you question everything.

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