“I will rip the —– out of you.” Principal Caught Red Handed; Cursing and Ranting at Special Needs Child  


An audio recording of a principal ranting at a special needs student has appeared, leading to heavy criticism.


The special needs school tyrant has had a murky reputation, known for being particularly nasty to students. This most recent case of bad behsavior was far too evil to ignore however. Despite having occurred three years back, she has faced no consequences thus far.


Below is a transcription of the audio. See for yourself if our kids are safe in her hands:


“It’s important you’re on your best behavior,” she is heard saying. “If someone falls in dance, don’t laugh because I will rip your (expletive) out of there. It’s important not to embarrass yourself. Your family take pride in yourself. I will embarrass you, you all know me, if you don’t give a (expletive), neither do I.”

“And this is what will happen tomorrow?” she screams. “Who started this (expletive)?”


Egan, a former teacher’s aide at the school until he complained about her behavior, says she then dragged one of the two kids up to the front of the auditorium filled with special needs students.

“This is a retard,” she says. “How embarrassing, a disgusting embarrassment, get him the hell out of my sight.”


This is just an example of her horrible behavior, and to use such language on special needs kids who need more care, not less, is beyond explanation. This person does not deserve to so much teach a child, much less be the figure of authority for special needs kids. Children who face this kind of abuse may themselves turn to such crass behavior because they believe that such behavior is acceptable.

Unfortunately teachers unions protect this sort of mini tyrant from facing the punishment she richly deserves, rather than the innocents she is trading against. The school board should punish this person immediately in order to preserve the scant remaining trust parents still have in our education system.

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  1. I’m thinking you probably forgot to send this one to the editor before posting.
    A principle and a principal are two different things.

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve seen several cases of teachers being put in charge of the special needs classes after being caught repeatedly abusing kids in other classes. I think they’re placed there intentionally to keep the number of complaints down. Special needs children are less likely to either fully comprehend or accurately report the abuse so they’re less likely to be believed over the teacher. Without solid evidence to charge and convict, the union doesn’t have to deal with it and the board gets less negative press. Sad but true. I can name several teachers who are still getting away with it.

  3. Special needs children don’t need this BULLYING. Fire this bitch immediately and show the students that her actions were BAD and bullying. They are taught not to bully anyone… and this BITCH HAS TO GO!!!

    I have a special needs grandson and if that principal ever did that to him, I would be at that school in a heartbeat and take appropriate action to show this bitch what being bullied is all about. It makes me cry to think even one child….special needs or “regular” to have to deal with such unthinkable actions.


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