Woman Called ‘Monster’ For Having Head-To-Toe Moles Could Be The Next Miss Universe

A 20-year-old Malaysian woman, Evita Delmundo, who suffered endless bullying for moles all over her face, neck and shoulders, is on the list to be crowned the next Miss Universe.


(True Activist) Looks might land people opportunities, but they will never determine who succeeds in life — that’s a quality called character. And, such is a lesson Evita Patcey Edgar Delmundo had to learn early on in life.

When Evita was growing up, cruel classmates would call her “monster” and “chocolate chip cookie” because of the hairy, dark brown moles and birthmarks that cover her entire body. For years, she wanted to change her appearance.

“I remember a teacher having to ask two girls to accompany me during recess, and they were whispering ‘why do we have to treat her like a princess?’ It broke my heart,” she told Elle. “I told them that they don’t have to follow me and they went off immediately. Basically, I was a lonely girl.”

After attending a church camp at age 16, however, she learned to accept herself. “I really learned how to love myself and communicate with others,” said Evita, reflecting on the previous desire to remove the moles. “This was probably the first time I truly started accepting who I was, how I look.”

Now, Evita works part-time at a cat cafe (she adores felines) and recently even auditioned for Miss Universe! Though she doesn’t know if she will make it, she was inspired nonetheless because becoming a beauty queen has always been one of her goals. It helps that thousands of people support her and even find Evita to be an inspiration. When asked how she deals with negative comments, Evita said:

“I just be myself and try to ignore people who stare or make rude comments. I don’t think it’s necessary to fight back with more negativity. Haters really don’t deserve my attention.”

The 20-year-old from Malaysia says that even if she doesn’t become Miss Universe, she will continue to enter beauty pageants in the future. “I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. If I don’t get through, there’s always another platform,” she said.

“In primary school, no one wanted to be friends with me,” said Evita Delmundo. “It broke my heart. I was a lonely girl”.

Evita was called “monster” and “chocolate chip cookie” by classmates because of the moles and birthmarks that cover her body.

Now, she’s defying those who teased her by auditioning for Miss Universe!

 Evita learned self-acceptance after attending a church camp when she was 16-years-old.

“I really learned how to love myself and communicate with others,” said Evita, who once considered having her moles removed.

“This was probably the first time I truly started accepting who I was, how I look”.

She auditioned on June 17 and will find out the results soon. Fingers crossed!



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