WWIII: Saudi Arabia Destroys Yemen Airport


(WikiLeaks News) An air raid by the Saudi-led military completely shut down Yemen’s Houthi held airport yesterday, destroying its navigation station and effectively shutting it down.

According to Al Jazeera, two air strikes targeted Sanaa’s international airport in the rebel-held capital early on Tuesday, making it unusable for aid flights and further complicating humanitarian efforts into the country.

“This attack is intended to cause maximum damage and deprive millions of Yemenis from receiving life-saving food and medicines,” Mohammed, a Houthi official who declined to give his surname told Al Jazeera.

Stephane Dujarric of the UN said on Tuesday that there had been no humanitarian flights to Sanaa airport and no humanitarian or commercial shipments to Hodeidah and Salif ports since 6th November.

“Without Sanaa airport and Hodeidah and Salif seaports fully functioning and able to receive cargo, the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen will continue,” Dujarric told reporters in New York.

“Seven million people are already on the brink of famine and the blockade will only bring them closer to it.”

Officials from Saudi Arabia have yet to offer and justification for the attack, which added even further concern to the UN.

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  1. WWIII implies that the world cares and is doing something about what is happening in Yemen, but that’s not true at all, the world is turning a blind eye while children dies of malnutrition, cholera, that Yemeni are being prevented from humanitarian help because of the illegal aerial blockade. And Saudi Arabia is not to be blamed alone for this “war”/massacre, let’s not forget about Israel and US


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