YouTube Banning Political Speech But Not Paedophilic Content On Their Website

YouTube has been caught actively censoring political speech while allowing horrifying exploitation videos of children to remain with billions of views.


Like many other websites, YouTube is another household name, everyone and can upload something there for others to watch. The more viewers you will have the more money you will get by having advertisements played before your video.

However, an article that was written by Jack Burns on The Free Thought Project signifies that there is a lot of content on YouTube that is extremely weird, content that was made for paedophiles and what is weirder is that the legit content with authentic sources gets banned.

For instance, there is a channel that was created by children for children it’s called the Seven Super Girls and that channel attracts a lot of adult traffic; at least that is the purpose of the channel – mentioned in the article.

Furthermore, it is not only about the content, but it is equally important to realise that the paedophiles are getting away on a reputable platform without any action taken against them because the video was not banned, and the reason why it was not banned is that it does not ‘violate’ YouTube’s policy.

In addition, such methods of flagging and policies make us think that a company such as YouTube’s is so relaxed about the age restrictions on the content and even relaxed on governing its own policies.

Moreover, it is not just the paedophilia viewers that are getting away after enjoying little children on the website and the company not banning them. But if a user uploads a video and speaks against the current politics – the company on many occasions – has banned them.

“Michelle Malkin said her two-minute video accurately portraying the victims of fundamentalist Islamists was yanked when her production was deemed offensive,” writes Jack Burns. “Warriors for free speech began embedding her video in an attempt to get around YouTube’s censorship campaign against her video.”

It does not stop there. According to The Guardian, the LBGTQ community also suffered from a similar crash.

“YouTube creators are lambasting the site after the discovery that its “restricted mode”, a feature intended to let schools, parents and libraries filter out content not appropriate for children, also removed a vast amount of LGBT content,” as stated on the website.

YouTube has been facing a lot of criticism about its policies and content that it has been banning and allowing, reputable papers such as the National Review and The Guardian and others have mentioned it. Publishing sites such as The Free Though Project get silenced by mainstream media companies, but in this war no one can really win. Even the content uploaders that publish their credible sources can be deemed as a something fake by the companies that are running that large part of the Internet.

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  1. Its becoming a nightmare to be a child. And we are supposed never to loose that child in us. That child is innocence. Money has KILLED innocence. Why can’t Sergey Brin and his cohorts be prosecuted under the children’s act?


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