Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a ‘Second Notice’ to Humanity. Can We Listen Now?


(Common Dreams) Yikes.

Over 15,000 scientists hailing from more than 180 countries just issued a dire warning to humanity:

“Time is running out” to stop business as usual, as threats from rising greenhouse gases to biodiversity loss are pushing the biosphere to the brink.

The new warning was published Monday in the international journal BioScience, and marks an update to the “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” issued by nearly 1,700 leading scientists 25 years ago.

The 1992 plea, which said Earth was on track to be “irretrievably mutilated” baring “fundamental change,” however, was largely unheeded.

“Some people might be tempted to dismiss this evidence and think we are just being alarmist,” said William Ripple, distinguished professor in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, and lead author of the new warning. “Scientists are in the business of analyzing data and looking at the long-term consequences. Those who signed this second warning aren’t just raising a false alarm. They are acknowledging the obvious signs that we are heading down an unsustainable path.”

The new statement—a “Second Notice” to humanity—does acknowledge that there have been some positive steps forward, such as the drop in ozone depleters and advancements in reducing hunger since the 1992 warning. But, by and large, humanity has done a horrible job of making progress. In fact, key environmental threats that demanded urgent attention a quarter of a century ago are even worse now.

Among the “especially troubling” trends, they write, are rising greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, agricultural production, and the sixth mass extinction event underway.

Taking a numerical look at how some of the threats have grown since 1992, the scientists note that there’s been a 26.1 percent loss in fresh water available per capita; a 75.3 percent increase in the number of “dead zones”;  a 62.1 percent increase in CO2 emissions per year; and 35.5 percent rise in the human population.

“By failing to adequately limit population growth, reassess the role of an economy rooted in growth, reduce greenhouse gases, incentivize renewable energy, protect habitat, restore ecosystems, curb pollution, halt defaunation, and constrain invasive alien species, humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperiled biosphere,” they write.

Among the steps that could be taken to prevent catastrophe are promoting plant-based diets; reducing wealth inequality, stopping conversions of forests and grasslands; government interventions to rein in biodiversity loss via poaching and illicit trade; and “massively adopting renewable energy sources” while phasing out fossil fuel subsidies.

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  1. There is no fixing the planet by human action anymore!!
    The only thing to fix this planet unfortunately is going to be a huge travesty (Which I believe will be coming from space and won’t divulge it right now)
    Once a majority of humans are gone from this Earth then only time in itself will the Earth start healing itself!
    We as Humans will go backward for a bit but eventually modern technology will take off much more quicklier with a more doable population with more mature humans who will take care of this planet thereafter.
    In the meantime I must tell you all that our time for now on this planet is coming to an end with many who will perish.
    This has been coming for a while and unfortunately humans deserve the wrath they are about to endure!!

  2. Same old bull shit? Where is real hard proof? You know what? There is no real proof just a big old pile of bull shit? God is in control of all that is! The world will end when he says so!

  3. Very little of it is actually man made phenomenon.
    Fossil records show we go though this process like clock work preceding a cooling time. ice age stuff.
    learn more about ice age, and you will understand the whole world doesnt freeze up. Its not as bad as people think.
    There is More tectonic and volcanic activity globally. 300+ % in the last decade alone.
    The oceans are heating More from the bottom up. than the top down.
    These things cannot be caused by pollution. It would happen weather man was on this planet or not.
    Other planets in the solar system have shown warming trends. There are science papers on All these things, but they are not included in global warming statistics and studies.
    Because it cant be helped. and there is money to be made and control to be had.
    Going green is a multi billion dollar biz now, and I am all for it. We certainly haven’t been helping.
    Larger corps crush and absorb the smaller ones which cannot keep up with new taxes and legislation’s.
    Its big business.
    Scientists which are part of the global warming official studies get their pay checks and grants from governments and these corporations. They stick to the narrative and the limited data, which excludes many other papers. These changes, further coincide with the procession of the equinox, and our solar systems weaving up and down through the thinnest outer portion of our galaxies accretion disk. when we pass through the dense flat area of the disk, like clock work we experience increased gravitational tugging and magnetism. This agitates our sun into increased activity. yet another paper. and further agitates the cores of all the planets and moons just slightly causing the increases in tectonic activity and warming.
    This information is not hard to research. Turn off the evening news, and do a little home work, and you will find Many things that you are not being told.
    Be well all.


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